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How to Launch a Successful PR Campaign

How to Launch a Successful PR Campaign

One thing we know as a constant as a PR professional, there are always surprises around the corner. However, one thing we can maintain control over - planning and executing campaigns. When done effectively, campaign planning can allow you to create memorable, even award-winning, campaigns for brands in almost any sector.

A campaign plan is a foundation that allows for a proper exploration of ideas, setting KPIs, and mapping out placements. Getting these aligned with your objectives are essential for the execution and making sure you are on track and on schedule.

In this webinar, we host senior campaign planning experts with experience creating and executing on hundreds of campaigns for a variety of industries and brands.

You’ll learn:

  • How to customize your campaign depending on the project, client, or industry
  • How to properly set up KPIs and tie success back to the campaign
  • The ideal timing for executing a campaign
  • Unique use cases with notable brands

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