Swedish On-demand Webinar: How Amex reassigned their ad-budget to help restaurants through Covid-19

Asset is in Swedish

To see companies through these difficult times, a simple campaign named Backakrogen (support your local restaurant) was launched by boutique agency, Post Sthlm and American Express. American Express also donated it's entire ad space to restaurants, lending a helping hand when they need it the most.

About the webinar

Learn more about the process behind one of our most important campaigns and listen to why American Express decided to donate their ad space to restaurants in Sweden.

You will get Insights on:

  • How to create a campaign that engages a vast number of stakeholders
  • How to best to communicate during a crisis
  • How to measure the success of a campaign

About Viktor Bolin

Viktor is an award-winning creative and strategist with over fifteen years of experience in PR, digital and advertising. Leaning on his past experience working at agencies and in-house for brands including Carlsberg Sweden, Viktor spends his time lecturing and teaching communication best practice.

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