How Helly Hansen is succeeding with influencer marketing

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Learn how Helly Hansen is succeeding with influencer marketing. Michael Eriksson is going to share some tips and tricks.

About the webinar

Previously, we held a breakfast seminar on how Helly Hansen has succeeded with influencer marketing. This seminar was a success and that is why we have invited Michael Eriksson to hold a webinar with us on the same topic. Many companies find it challenging to implement influencers into the marketing strategy. This is something Helly Hansen has succeeded, and you will hear more about it in this webinar.

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How to find a suitable collaboratorROIHow to scale influencer marketing

About Michael Eriksson

Michael Eriksson Portrait

Michael Eriksson will hold the webinar and is Head of Digital Communications at Helly Hansen. Among other things, he has worked on scaling social media initiatives on a global scale for Helly Hansen, with a strong focus on enhancing the activation of sports marketing and influencer collaboration through his own channels.

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