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A Guide to Global Brand Management

Global businesses spent an estimated $614 billion on establishing or strengthening brand assets in 2019. While this sounds like a staggering amount, the influence brands have on corporate performance more than makes up for this cost. Strong brand equity is largely intangible, but its advantages are not. 

A well-managed brand does more than create awareness and build trust — it adds to a business's bottom line. In fact, up to a quarter of a company’s market value can be directly related to its reputation.

Global brand management is built around the idea of creating a single global strategy that can be replicated across local markets. Companies with international presence have long discussed whether to localize or adapt strategies, but global brand management stretches far beyond the “glocalization” debate.

This whitepaper explores 4 effective brand management techniques to help modern global brand managers navigate the always-on, hyper-connected digital realm.

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