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Email Marketing for PR Pros

An illustration of a man sending an email against a purple backdrop

Email isn’t going away anytime soon. It’s too effective. There’s no point in cursing your inbox.

The fact is email marketing is still one of the most proven ways to communicate with an audience. That’s true for you as well as for your clients and their customers.

As a PR pro, what must you know about email marketing to get the most from this powerful tool? Join Meltwater and email marketing wizard Antoine Bonicalzi of Cyberimpact and LeighAnne Manwiller, Product Marketing Manager at Meltwater to learn about:

  • Adding email marketing to your PR service mix
  • Creating winning email marketing strategies for your clients
  • Using an email marketing platform for your email pitches
  • Navigating compliance regulations while maximizing PR opportunities
  • Walking the talk by implementing your own email marketing strategy

This isn’t like pineapple on pizza. Email marketing and PR are made for each other. Join us!

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