6 Ways to Ensure your Awareness Campaign Delivers Results

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Driving the intended form of reaction from your audience is no easy task, but during Francesca Carpanini’s time at South Wales Fire and Rescue Service she launched a very impressive awareness campaign that achieved equally impressive results! 

Learn how Francesca successful executed the “Who Would You Call?” awareness campaign, educating the general public on the correct emergency services you should call if ever you spot somebody in trouble in the water. The campaign was so powerful that it resulted in a 14% reduction of water rescues.  

In 30 minutes you will learn:

  • A step-by-step process for launching an awareness campaign
  • The emotional triggers used to provoke intended audience behaviour
  • How to ensure your awareness campaign contributes to the success of wider business objectives
  • The KPIs and metrics you should be measuring to understand if you’ve been successful

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