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Crafting Unforgettable Pitches

An iilustration of a businessman using his laptop while papers swirl around him

You want the coverage, but with so much noise out there it’s tough to get noticed.

In competing for attention, you sometimes find yourself at a loss about how to stand out to grab a publisher’s attention.

We’ll share expert findings and invite audience questions as we cover:

  • The leading reasons pitches get ignored or deleted
  • The three C’s of successful pitch emails
  • What influencers, bloggers, and the media crave most of all
  • Adding “what’s in it for you” to every pitch without pandering
  • The cheesecake story that should guide your pitch-making

Don’t forget you’re in sales, not just Communications, and learn how to channel your inner storyteller. Featured speaker Rafe Gomez will share examples of successful email pitches he’s delivered on behalf of his clients searching for national exposure.

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