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Insights into Building a World-Class Brand through Marketing Communications

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Powerful branding is everything - in fact, it will ultimately ensure your company's survival and success in the future.

We're living and working through a global pandemic and so, now more than ever, where change is rapid and adaption is key, customers are looking for the brands that they can trust, hold on to and rely on. 

Your brand is more than just your logo and font. It is strategy and tactic, that leads to loyal customers, that feels like home.

So, who better to learn from than The Coca-Cola Company's Monali Shah, Director of Marketing Communications for West Africa, and recent recipient of the African Marketing Professional of the Year 2019 by Marketing World Awards (MWA).

She has led some of the most successful campaigns for one of the world's best-known brands, and will be sharing her expertise with us in this exclusive webinar, so that we can do the same. This is not one to miss!

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