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Meltwater APAC Digital Summit: Where Marketing, Social and PR Collide

Join us in our first-ever APAC Digital Summit where we have invited leaders, innovators and disruptors at the forefront of the new marketing and media landscape. Gain insights and best practices to succeed in new marketing channels like Tiktok and eSports Marketing, or learn from business leaders on how they are strategising to tackle the post-pandemic 2021. 

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  • A Look At The New Media Landscape: How Brands Can Succeed in the ‘Age of Participation’ by Ng Chew Wee, Head of Business Marketing, TikTok
  • The New Kings and Queens of Social: The Meteoric Rise of the TikTok Creator and How They Are Disrupting Media by Cassi Yang, Agency Lead, Hepmil Creators' Network
  • Manage and Measure Digital Brand Reputation: Case Studies from B2B and B2C Brands by Mimrah Mahmood, Senior Director & Partner, Meltwater
  • Learning from the Australian Story: How Tourism Australia Is Keeping the Dream of Travel Alive during a Global Pandemic by Emma Sturgiss, Global Manager of PR, Tourism Australia
  • Esports Marketing: Breaking Down the Next Big Opportunity by Allan Phang, Regional Head of Marketing & PR, EVOS Esports
  • Social Commerce: From Transaction to Truly Social by Andreanne Leclerc, Head of Social and Performance, Ogilvy Asia

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