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3 tips for your 2022 PR-planning

During the webinar we will cover how we can plan and operate in the new hybrid year (when digital and physical meets) when it comes to PR. We will also discuss the challenges and best practices in employer branding to find the right talent and agencies, stepping in to the well-know discussion In-house vs consultants/agencies. As a final topic we will present the importance of reporting, what KPIs to focus on and what tools you can use. In short we will cover:

  • 2022 as the Hybrid year  - While some countries open up others go back to lockdowns and strict regulations. Events and in-person media events need to find the right synergy between in-person and online to be able to adapt to ad-hoc, last minute regulations while delivering the same value.
  • Challenges with recruitment & findings talents - The fight for talent became real in many countries with economies on the rise, record-high capital investment and exponential growth of companies which means, record high recruitment. All that translates into a huge demand for talent which forces us to revamp our employer brand if we want to keep growing our teams. PR plays a key role in this.
  • The importance of PR-reporting  - With digital marketing becoming more data driven and startups and scale-ups joining the PR world as a predominant space, the pressure for more accurate reporting and showcasing value becomes higher and higher in the PR world.

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