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3 Easy Influencer Holiday Campaigns to Boost ROI

How can your business implement an influencer marketing strategy that maximizes ROI this holiday season? Hear first-hand how Woodloch Resort leverages influencer marketing to build a brand ambassador program that has earned over $70,000.

When it comes to influencer marketing, finding the right influencer is just as important as measuring campaign results. Attribute every gifted product to an accurate ROI, and start the new year with key insights that can drive business impact.

Hear from Woodloch Resort’s Associate Director of Communications, Erica Bloch, and Klear’s Key Account Manager, Antonia Barchenko as they discuss:

  • Klear client Woodloch Resort’s journey in influencer marketing
  • 3 successful influencer marketing campaigns
  • Tutorial on how to implement 3 influencer campaigns today

Are you ready? Learn how to use influencer marketing to drive your marketing strategy.

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