Product Feature

Prevent substitution and adapt to changing consumer needs

Keep track on the changing needs and demands of consumers, to ensure continued relevance and irreplaceability.


Detect trends and changing consumer behaviours

Identify the changing needs and demands of consumers by monitoring trends, sentiment and interests of your audience. Our Audience Intelligence solution helps you segmenting your audience to analyze your different personas. Create online focus group by listening to what your segments are saying online, to identify new trends, demands and insights.

Meltwater Social Influencers platform on Laptop for finding influencers

Stay top of mind

Build consistent exposure and relationships with your existing consumers. Meltwater Engage, our social media management platform, helps you manage your communities and client requests on all your social media profiles. Communicate your USPs to help your brand stand out with our Social Influencers platform.

Discover how Meltwater can help

  • Monitor unlimited keywords across all channels

  • Customize email alerts to get real-time notifications

  • Run omnichannel analyses across news and social media

  • Access content and dashboards on the Meltwater mobile app

  • Social customer service and care

  • Manage multiple social handles and teams

  • Influencer measurement

  • Influencer tagging

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