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Track threat of new entry with Meltwater

Grow your business and extend your brand reach to fight your threats of new entry.

Grow your brand reach

Grow your brand reach

Threat of new entry is low if these new entrants need economies of scale to profit. So, by growing your business and extending your brand reach, you have the opportunity to gain an advantage. Our platform helps you to manage your reputation, generate awareness for your company and build credibility, influence and trust.

Keep track of your campaign performance

Keep track of your campaign performance

Measure how well your unique benefits is understood and perceived by your audience across social media and consumer reviews websites. Analyze your share of voice and benchmark your performance with your competitors. Create a sense of dominance on specific platforms, based on consistent and relevant content creation, engaging in relevant trends and conversations and offering exceptional customer support.

Discover how Meltwater can help

  • Monitor unlimited keywords across all channels

  • Customize email alerts to get real-time notifications

  • Run omnichannel analyses across news and social media

  • Access content and dashboards on the Meltwater mobile app

  • Social customer service and care

  • Manage multiple social handles and teams

  • Influencer measurement

  • Influencer tagging

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