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Understand your Buyers' Sentiment and Behaviour

Intimately understand your audiences, the level of demand they present and their behaviour online with Meltwater.

Laptop with Meltwater Explore for adhoc searches in media monitoring

Keep track of your consumers' critical mentions

Track mentions of keywords or conversations related to your products or issues related to your brand in real time, with Meltwater media and social media searches. Flexible searching allows you to always know how people feel about your organization and industry, so you can proactively create relevant messaging or make changes to your business. Clickable visualizations allow for real-time insights into trending themes and data. Drill into popular keywords, sentiment, and spikes in conversations to understand how an audience feels about your brand and competitors.

Meltwater Audience Insight reports for targeted content strategy

Discover your audience key interests

Understanding communities that are driving the social media conversations around topics you care about is challenging and time-consuming. Our reports offer an in-depth and interactive audience profiling solution, so you can take a deep dive into your different community segments. Truly understand what resonates with your audience by discovering their demographics and consumer habits, as well as the individuals and media outlets that are influential over each group.

Discover how Meltwater can help

  • Consumer segmentation and behavior analysis

  • Keep track of your brand and products mentions

  • Analyze your consumers online behaviour

  • Discover the influencers that your audience is following

  • Identify the passion points of your consumers

  • Inform content strategy and audience optimization

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