Meltwater Social Summit | Nordics | On-demand

Claude Springer, Meltwater

How PR and Marketing are closer together than ever

In this presentation, you'll hear how PR and marketing are working towards common goals and how Meltwater product offering is supporting those goals.

Linda Nordgren, Oatly

Value-driven Communication

In this presentation, Oatly's communications manager Linda Nordgren will explain how Oatly is doing value-driven communication and how brands should also take responsibility and action to drive change.

Sandra Baekby-Hansen, Hempel

Strategic social media in a global b2b organisation

In this keynote Sandra Baekby-Hansen from Hempel will tell more about strategic social media in the B2B landscape and how to succeed.

Natalia Salmela, Satokausikalenteri

How to build the best social media presence with zero budget

In this presentation the CEO on Satokausikalenteri, Natalia Salmela will tell about how they have managed to create an award winning social media presence for Satokausikalenteri with organic social media.

Celine Gran & Jakob Ohlsson

What can brands learn from political campaigns?

In this keynote Celine Gran and Jakob Ohlsson will explain what are the common factors for political campaigns and brand marketing.

Karin Eriksson, Ving

5 stages of social media

In this keynote Karin Eriksson will go trough the 5 stages of social media.

Roija Rafii, Telia

New demands for effective PR in a more complex environment

In this keynote Roija Rafii from Telia will speak about how crisis management & PR are more relevant than ever before.

Lauri Kutila,

Brand development through earned media

In this keynote Lauri Kutila will explain how earned media has impacted the brand.

Veronika Nihlén, Volvo Trucks

A revised future. Are megatrends and the internal journey we’ve made enough?

In this keynote Veronika Nihlén from Volvo trucks will explain how megatrends are influencing the company strategies.

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