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AI-powered Company Search & Visual Listening

Billions of social media conversations and news articles are being shared daily as text, images, pictures, and memes. Measuring brand value and learning how visual assets impact your content, brand, and competitive strategies is a growing challenge. Our industry-defining entity search and visual listening capabilities provide deeper and faster insights you need to grow your business.

Visual Listening

Introducing Visual Listening in Explore
Search and categorize billions of image-based social media posts and news articles in seconds to identify the visual assets that impact brand value and consumer opinion, seize opportunities, and mitigate risks facing your brand.

  • Content ideation - Start mirroring the objects and scenes found in user-generated content across your owned posts.
  • Brand identity - Identify the distinctive emotions, people, places, and partners associated with your brand and products.
  • Advocacy and Community - Find people who match your target demographics and champion your products.
  • Crisis tracking - Find out first when someone misuses or turns your logo into a meme.
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Meltwater Community

We've opened the doors to Meltwater Community. A place for clients to engage, learn, and become #friendswithinsights.

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Company Search

A Faster and Smarter Way to Capture Brand Mentions
Creating searches just got easier! Our AI-powered company search auto-suggests company names and combines all known aliases under one query. Simpler and smarter searches give you a more complete picture of your brand.

  • Save time and work faster - Our AI-powered search eliminates the need to write complex boolean queries. You save time and find insights faster.
  • Capture all relevant brand mentions - Gain a complete picture of your brand by capturing all known name variations and aliases in one simple search.
  • Expert results without needing to be an expert - AI-powered search helps novice users arrive at expert-level search results.
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