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Yves Rocher

Grounded on the virtues of sustainability and social awareness since its inception in 1959, global beauty brand Yves Rocher remains innovative to its commitments towards the planet and skin. Echoing its mission — “To give back to Nature what it offers us, day after day, for each woman’s Beauty” — the brand epitomises its commitment by only using natural ingredients in their products and sourcing for the best and eco-friendly elements.

Yves Rocher uses Meltwater to:

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Find the best influencers using Meltwater's Social Influencer Database of over 30 million profiles

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Use advanced search filters such as location, topics, and number of followers to target the perfect influencers that suit their marketing strategy

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Deep dive into influencer analytics such as follower demographics, engagement rates, top content and true reach of profiles.


With innovation a part of their brand make-up, Yves Rocher embarked on an influencer marketing strategy. The brand wanted to recruit the best influencers to represent their brand.

Before using Meltwater, searching for the influencers that were aligned with their branding among the myriad of influencers proved to be a difficult task. The only information accessible for the brand's team was to read the content and manually pick stats from the influencers' social media platforms such as the count of followers, likes and the engagement.

This process was painstakingly tedious and time-consuming. The brand struggled to identify influencers which resonated with their values. Manually trawling social media profiles also did not give them access to insights such as demographics, topical discussions, as well as points of interests.

Furthermore, the team was located in a regional office and needed to recommend influencers for different markets. This was an uphill task as the team could only rely on their limited knowledge of local influencer networks in the respective regions.

Angelique Hernandez, Asia Marketing Director, Yves Rocher

“The ability to efficiently search for influencers in various local markets based on our campaign requirements is extremely helpful, particularly for a regional team like ours”

Angelique Hernandez, Asia Marketing Director, Yves Rocher


Enter Meltwater's Social Influencer Discovery tool - a platform that introduces Yves Rocher to a database of millions of influencers across regional and local markets. This greatly helped the brand's regional office as they could rely on Meltwater's robust and up-to-date database and remotely identify the best influencer for their brand.

The ability to filter influencers by interests and topics also greatly helped the team. Using Meltwater's in-depth audience demographics also boosted Yves Rocher's ability to find the best influencers for specific campaigns.

Additionally, the brand's team could assess the impact of their campaigns through definitive metrics such as engagement rates between influencers within the same industry or topical discussion. These metrics were important to Yves Rocher because they wanted to measure the impact of the Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) beyond vanity metrics. This allowed them to learn how they could better improve their influencer marketing strategy.

Angelique Hernandez, Asia Marketing Director, Yves Rocher

“My favourite feature of the tool is the deep insights we can get about each influencer, such as follower demographics, engagement rates and true reach. It gives the team confidence in selecting the best influencers”

Angelique Hernandez, Asia Marketing Director, Yves Rocher


1. The team discovered the best influencers for their brand campaigns at a fraction of the time spent before using Meltwater

2. The regionally-based team could recommend a diverse mix of influencers to better reach out to local markets

3. A data-driven approach towards assessing and selecting influencers resulted in more effective influencer marketing campaigns