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Photo of a speaker at a Yahlive event


Launched in 2011 and based in Abu Dhabi, UAE, Yahlive is a joint venture between satellite operators SES and Yahsat. Yahlive's mission is simple: to deliver high-quality satellite services to their broadcasters, and to offer a choice of premium TV channels to their diverse and culturally-rich viewers.

Meltwater Enables Yahlive to

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Save time and money by centralizing media reporting and analysis

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Use social media insights and analytics to strengthen their new market entry strategy

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Easily showcase ROI of marketing campaigns to management


Acquiring Real-time Data & Analysis

With over 114 million viewers worldwide, Yahlive is considered one of the youngest and fastest growing satellite broadcasting companies in the region.

Yahlive's comprehensive marketingstrategy is led by industry expert & Marketing Manager, Duaa Zietoun.

From inception, Yahlive was competing against long-time players with a deep-rooted presence in the region, which required insightful data to be able to compete.

Manually tracking and staying up-to-date with the continuous industry changes was both tedious and costly.

In order to achieve continuous growth in viewership, Yahlive also needed to have direct access to a social listening platform to understand general opinion and sentiment surrounding their brand. Today, Yahlive is the number one satellite operator for the Farsi speaking market.

Photo of a Yahlive-operated tv with the news in a fancy office
Duaa Zietoun, Marketing Manager, Yahlive

"It's now easier and faster for me to compile reports that I can present to management. I can also provide the business development team with the real-time data they need, rather than waiting for one or two weeks for updates from an agency."

Duaa Zietoun, Marketing Manager, Yahlive


A Central Platform with Analytics

Today, Yahlive uses the Meltwater platform which grants them direct access to real-time data from both social and online sources. As the end-user and Marketing Manager, Zietoun is now able to immediately alert the business development team of potential business opportunities (i.e. recently-available channels). Not only so, the wider Yahlive team is heavily reliant on the internal newsletter for the latest industry and competitor news.

Yahlive is able to make better, more informed decisions about new market expansions, using crucial insights provided by the Meltwater platform. Both Zietoun and the business development team consider the insights crucial to bringing in new business, by adding value to prospects and ultimately leading to a higher conversion rate. Overall, the marketing department has also been able to significantly reduce costs by eliminating the use of multiple 3rd party data providers, using Meltwater as a one-stop-shop solution for real-time data and analysis.


Meltwater Helps Yahlive to

Generate new leads

"As soon as I receive an alert of news that a channel of interest has left one of our competitors, I immediately alert the sales team and flag it to them as a potential new lead."

Solidify existent client relations

"We have a dedicated dashboard on the Meltwater platform to track social media for feedback about our client channels. The insights gathered are also relayed to the business development team who then share it with clients (TV channels) as a sample of the level of active viewership they're receiving."

Receive unparalleled real-time support

"Collaborating with Meltwater is one the better decisions that we have taken, the support team consistently ensures that we are receiving our investment's worth and more!"