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VisitNorthsealand is a Danish tourism organisation who coordinates, promotes, and develops tourism in North Sealand. Their primary objective is to build awareness and preference for North Sealand as a destination both in Denmark and abroad.

Meltwater helps VisitNorthsealand with

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Global Media Monitoring

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Analytics & Reporting

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Optimising Global Presence


Increasing global awareness and preference

Meltwater helps VisitNorthsealand with analysing and understanding how and where the organisation should direct its communications and marketing efforts. Meltwater's media monitoring helps VisitNorthsealand with optimising its activities and performance in order to obtain its objective of building awareness and preference for North Sealand as a travel destination in Denmark and abroad.

Reporting of media initiatives

For an organisation like VisitNorthsealand, it is important to analyse how activities perform and use the insights found to adapt and optimise future communications and marketing strategies. With Meltwater's in-depth reports, VisitNorthsealand doesn't just get a general overview of of the Danish market, the reports also help VisitNorthsealand understand where to invest in global initiatives.

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"The use of Meltwater's tools help us gain a really good sense of how broad our media reach is, the value of coverage, and where we should optimise our efforts"


Global Media Monitoring & Reporting

Media monitoring of brand, industry and activities

Global Media Monitoring provides an overview of media exposure while offering insight into how VisitNorthsealand can create awareness across media from a global perspective.

Analysis and reporting of essential KPIs

Meltwater's in-depth reports provide an understanding of essential KPIs such as reach and geographical distribution. Analysis of important metrics is easily shared internally with the most important stakeholders.

Clarification of global initiative

Meltwater's tools help VisitNorthsealand determine how and where in the world the organisation's activities should be intensified.

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