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A London taxi cab painted with the British flag.


VisitBritain was created in April 2003 to market Britain to the rest of the world and to promote and develop the visitor economy of England. Working with a wide range of partners in both the UK and overseas, the company’s mission is to grow the volume and value of tourism across the nations and regions of Britain.

Meltwater Influencer Marketing helped VisitBritain:

Identify the best influencers for its campaign.

Vet influencers to ensure they were a good fit.

Achieve phenomenal ROI for its influencer campaign.


Not many people associate traveling in Britain with being on a budget, but nowadays visiting Britain is more affordable than ever! That’s why VisitBritain decided to launch its Value Project Europe (#ValueBritain) campaign - with the goal of raising awareness across Europe in how affordable it is to visit Britain.

However, at VisitBritain, influencer activity takes place across international markets, which makes keeping track of the campaign and measuring its performance a challenge. The company needed a solution to vet the prospective influencers, keep track of the content, and measure each influencers' engagements to ensure VisitBritain is on track with reaching the influencer campaign’s KPIs.


VisitBritain decided to recruit highly engaged travel influencers with an extensive reach across a variety of platforms. With Meltwater Influencer Marketing, VisitBritain discovered the perfect Travel influencers for the campaign and vetted them to ensure they had the relevant audience.

The VisitBritain team used Klear to vet the chosen influencers to ensure they had the right audience for this campaign. VisitBritain were able to track all the campaign’s content and measure its performance automatically.


VisitBritain managed a campaign of 15 influencers from 10 different countries around Europe. These influencers created 135 posts pointing out the value of visiting Britain. With 180k engagements and a 1.7m true reach, Visit Britain continues to show how Influencer marketing provides a much more valuable ROI than traditional marketing methods.

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