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Vans Off the Wall was established in 1966 and has since turned into an iconic, Southern California based youth-culture inspired footwear, apparel and accessory brand of the conglomerate VF Corporation. They are a global brand with presence in more than 75 countries and over 600 retail locations. The brand is driven by creative self-expression brought to life from the world of art, music, sports and street culture.

Meltwater Enables Vans to

Support successful event execution

Connect with influencers

Generate reports and measure ROI


Manual Reporting and its Bottlenecks 

Managing and optimizing a business to local markets involves customization and a lot of attention. For this reason, Vans decided to move its digital and social operations to a niche PR agency. However, this shift was also accompanied by the challenge of limited bandwidth - where reporting and data collection were identified as the bottlenecks. Digital and social media is sometimes perceived as a very new sphere for upper management, and getting sign off without hard facts, data and ROI was a significant challenge. 

We required real-time monitoring and analysis of industry trends in order to justify strategic business decisions and stay ahead in a market that's occupied by immense competition. 

"It was very easy to get started with Meltwater. With around the clock support and guidance, we accomplished an optimum account setup for smooth automated functioning. Everything is with a touch of a button ensuring quick turn around times. Meltwater has allowed us to become more informed about our customers social media needs and responses. The service and after-sales support has been amazing from Bevan and Jess— we consider them a part of our team."

Warren Talbot


Meltwater Platform helps Vans evidence ROI 

With Meltwater's extensive keyword searches, Vans receives real-time updates of our initiatives, as well as real-time reports in the form of dashboards. The Meltwater platform is able to capture the pulse of Vans' customers at all times. 

Contrary to previously compiled manual reports, Meltwater reports helped build value and prove ROI for the brand's various digital initiatives. This further allowed adequate allocation of budgets from the senior team and board members. The team appreciates the flexibility, accuracy and the reporting metrics the platform has to offer. 


Meltwater Helps Vans To 

Support successful event execution

"We integrated Meltwater into our House of Vans JHB event, to track and monitor reach, AVEand response in the time leading up to the event. By doing so, we were able to increase/ decrease the amount, flow and level of information to ensure that we were achieving positive unpaid media and social media reach as part of the hype leading up to the event. The overall objectives were to ensure that there was high attendance and high awareness— Meltwater assisted us each day building up to the launch! This was in the form of tracking social media output, as well as utilizing the influencer outreach function. The Vans customer had every opportunity to engage, register and be a part of the event." 

Connect with Influencers    

"The fashion industry is trend based and often relies on bloggers and micro-celebrities to drive purchase intention. The Influencer contact management database helps us connect and interact with the potential influencers and media professionals to disseminate refined and directed content facilitating our PRand communication efforts in generating awareness and leads." 

Generate reports and measure ROI 

"The reports form the crux of our strategy and decision making process. For example, the Meltwater team catered to our requirements by providing us with social media reach and engagement AVEfigures that helped us recap our post event results. Due to the success of our digital initiatives and events, we can now look at investing more in web and advertising." 

— Warren Talbot