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University of Gävle

The University of Gävle works hard to not only share the results of research carried out within the establishment, but also to communicate the value of higher education in general. Their work is widely published in both local and international media. Due to the University of Gävle's international media impact, it's important for them to stay abreast of what's being said. Meltwater's international competitive intelligence and daily reports make sure that no important coverage is overlooked.

Meltwater Enables University of Gävle to

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Stay in the know

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Identify relevant journalists

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Increae media exposure


Staying in the know

Meltwater's competitive intelligence has been a determining factor in the University of Gävle's ability to keep track of what is written about them in the media. Meltwater's tool makes it possible for them to easily monitor relevant conversations across editorial and social media and to see where their press releases have had an impact.

The University of Gävle also receives a summary analysis report every year. This report provides a clear picture of their media exposure and among other things, what is said about their educational programmes and researchers, while also providing a more general overview of how University of Gävle is perceived in both traditional and social media. The analysis report also includes a comparison with their closest educational institutions.

"Collaboration with Meltwater makes it possible for us to easily monitor what media our press releases and relevant news appear in. We would also draw special attention to Meltwater's prompt, professional and personal support from the account management team."

Douglas Öhrbom, Editor


Identifying relevant journalists

The ability to identify relevant journalists has had a direct impact on the University of Gävle's media exposure, for example, the University of Gävle recently published an article on sustainable transport based on insights found from their researchers. Having used Meltwater's tool to find journalists currently writing about similar subjects, they waa able to improve media targeting capabilities. As a result of pinpointing relevant journalists, the research was published in a dominant industry publication that they otherwise would have never been able to reach!


Meltwater Helps University of Gävle to 

Monitor the media

University of Gävle uses Meltwater to monitor local and social media both locally and internationally.

Identify relevant journalists

By identifying relevant journalists, they can send the right content to the right journalists.

Analyse the media

The media analysis report that University of Gävle receives annual helps them to optimise future strategies.