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Union Gospel Mission

Since their founding between the depths of the Depression and the onset of world war, Union Gospel Mission has been "feeding hope and changing lives." Today this means helping people in greater Vancouver overcome poverty, homelessness, and addiction. Meltwater helps UGM plug into conversations that further their mission.

Meltwater Enables Union Gospel Mission to

Edit broadcast clips with precision and share them directly from the platform

Assess whether they're generating sufficient coverage to reach their financial goals

Create real-time reports in minutes, not hours, and include more meaningful content


Becoming More Alert to Mentions and Opportunities  

As a charity operating in seven locations throughout the Vancouver area, Union Gospel Mission (UGM) relies on more than good word of mouth to support their cause. Fundraising is often a high priority. In the interest of efficiency, it helps when prospective donors know who UGM is if and when they need support and volunteers. 

The charity has been around for 8 decades, having first opened their doors in 1940. Generating awareness about the work of UGM is as important today as ever, and plugging into what local people think and say about the charity in social media and on broadcast news channels is vital for engagement. 

Union Gospel Mission's communications team is tasked with reporting to senior leaders on community and industry developments. They realized their previous monitoring tool wasn't capturing all of their mentions in social media, especially when people didn't tag them. Their manual searches often came up short as well. After one too many requests for help from their service rep fell on deaf ears, UGM initiated a search for a new solution and partner. 

Communications Manager Jeremy Hunka says, "We have limited resources. We want to be good stewards of what we have."

"Onboarding with Meltwater was great. Getting a feel for the platform and functionality progressed very smoothly and quickly."

Jeremy Hunka, CommunicationsManager, Union Gospel Mission


More Refined Monitoring and Social Listening Solutions 

Since switching to Meltwater's platform a year ago, UGM can more easily capture and share a higher percentage of news and social mentions with their executives and other stakeholders. Meltwater gives UGM the ability to edit broadcast clips to the exact frame they need directly within the platform. And because the platform's social listening capabilities include the ability to track plain language, they're able to follow and engage in conversations they would otherwise have missed if relying on manual tracking only. 

Easily configured dashboards help the team see at a glance where things stand— reach and advertising value are two of their important data points— and assess whether they're generating sufficient coverage to attract more donations. Real-time reporting is more powerful and streamlined as well. What used to take hours with their old tool now takes minutes, while the reports themselves contain more meaningful content and metrics. 

Time and resource management have become far more efficient with Meltwater. UGM's Jeremy Hunka credits his service rep for always being quick to respond and provide useful tips and guidance, while adding that the platform is really quite intuitive. "I like how so much is automated. The platform keeps things quick and simple." 

"Meltwater helps us manage our community on our social channels, by showing us what's being shared and where we're being talked about the most."

Jeremy Hunka, Communications Manager, Union Gospel Mission


Meltwater Helps Union Gospel Mission  

Track, edit, and share broadcast media hits directly from the platform 

"We really like the ability to share content with our stakeholders. Whenever we get a broadcast hit, we can actually edit the clip then and there, down to the exact frame, and then send the link directly from the platform. That's so much more helpful than sharing content that has too many irrelevant details."

Create real-time reports in a fraction of the time of their old tool 

"Creating reports in Meltwater is quick. What might have taken several hours before now takes just 20 or 30 minutes. That's huge. We're a charity and we rely on donations, so being known is really important to us. Meltwater reveals how well we're doing at the same time it supports us in becoming more active." 

Get more value for money and manage any issues quickly and personally 

"We're really quite happy with Meltwater. It's a little more affordable for us, and the service has been excellent. When we had problems with our previous provider, it was tricky to get what we needed. Whenever we run into an issue today, my service rep is always there for me. The entire experience is great." 

— Jeremy Hunka, Communications Manager, Union Gospel Mission