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U.S. Global Investors, Inc.

U.S. Global Investors, Inc., is an investment manager focused on mutual and exchange trade funds, based in San Antonio, TX. With a legacy of expertise in gold and precious metals, they have recently branched out into emerging markets and natural resources. Known for launching first-of-their-kind investment products in developing markets, they also launched their first ETF (JETS) last year.

Meltwater Enables USGI to

Monitor company mentions and stay on top of global trends in emerging markets

Identify top-tier, international journalists and setup interviews for visible CEO in specific countries

Distribute SEC compliant wire releases and pitch product launches directly to targeted journalists


Entering Unfamiliar Territory 

Between securing interviews for a highly visible CEO and launching new investment products, U.S. Global Investors (USGI) needed a quick, effective way to target and build relationships with top-tier media outlets across global markets. Before Meltwater, the PRteam sent out wire releases and spent hours manually scouring the Internet for respected media contacts in countries like Singapore, Canada, and London where their CEO frequently travels for conferences.

Without a media monitoring service, the team was left to search on Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other websites to find industry leaders writing about specific airlines and airline industry trends that USGI needed to know prior to launching their first ETF (JETS). 


Breaking the Ice and Building New Relationships 

Manual, time-consuming searches are a thing of the past. USGI subscribes to the Meltwater monitoring platform to ensure all global mentions of their firm, funds, competitors, and CEO are captured and responded to. The marketing team also monitors for their investments and includes relevant coverage in their feature publication, "Investor Alert," sent out weekly.

With an all-in-one communications platform, USGI can now distribute SEC compliant, quarterly earnings releases to a wide audience via wire and pinpoint top influencers writing on topics like "natural resources" in Dubai for example, from a single platform. Tracking the success of this dual-outreach approach is made simple with the continuously updated earned media graph on their analytics dashboard. As they roll out new products, USGI can confidently track competitors and industry trends during both product development and deployment- and take immediate action when necessary. 


Meltwater Helps USGI 

Monitor top tier publications quoting their CEO 

"We often see our CEO mentioned in Bloomberg, Barron's, Investors Daily, and other top investment publications, all through our Meltwater account. The daily news digest emails are a fantastic and easy way for me to see what people are saying, and respond to the media in the right way." 

Meet all internal and external public relation needs in a single platform 

"We needed a quick and efficient way to pull information on relevant reporters, reach out to them, distribute press releases on new products, and send out financial releases. Meltwater has met and exceeded, these needs. The reporting platform and dashboard widgets are more of a bonus." 

Benefit from the support of a media and industry expertise 

"Meltwater product offerings are always evolving, and I appreciate that our customer service rep knows me and my goals, and lets me know of new features we can benefit from. The platform is great, but it?s the on-demand help I get from my personal rep that makes Meltwater invaluable." 

— Holly MacRossin, Public Relations Leader