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Tulsa Convention & Visitors Bureau

Shaping people´s perception of a city is no small task. Tulsa's past may have been in oil, but today the sky is the limit, with aerospace now the largest employer. Tulsa Convention & Visitors Bureau (CVB) invites people to experience their vibrant, changing city. Meltwater plays a key role in making T-Town a must-see destination.

Meltwater Enables Tulsa CVB to

Monitor and encourage reporting about their changing city

Measure awareness and reach against comparable destinations

Demonstrate their value to justify increased outreach


Monitoring the Media and Measuring ROI 

Tulsa CVB's small branding team had all the responsibilities of a full-blown marketing department, yet was dependent on the Chamber of Commerce for all their reporting. They couldn't control what was in the reports or when they'd receive them. Unable to monitor media coverage, they often missed key articles. The team struggled to prove their work was bearing fruit and growing in reach, which made it difficult to share ROI with event sponsors.

"We knew we were laying a great foundation for who we are and our community's brand image," says Tulsa CVB's Jessica Lowe-Betts. "We just needed a platform to help us share our story."

"It was just huge this year. We pulled a report that showed we surpassed the earned media goals we set prior to the event. It was rewarding to share this success with our board."

Jessica Lowe-Betts,VP of Marketing and Branding, Tulsa Convention & Visitors Bureau


Complete Oversight and Reporting 

Tulsa CVB uses Meltwater to monitor trends, ongoing events, and the latest chatter about their city. They track what other metropolitan regions are doing to attract visitors, and create reports comparing their earned media and reach with these other destinations.

The Meltwater dashboard simplifies ad-hoc searches, rewarding the team's research efforts, and provides real-time access to traditional, social, and broadcast media channels.

In year one with Meltwater, Tulsa has seen an increase in awareness and reach, highlighting the contribution Tulsa CVB makes to the city and its event sponsors. 


Meltwater Helps Tulsa CVB 

Use reporting to be more strategic 

"We used to rely on the Chamber for all of our media reports.With Meltwater, we now have multiple dashboards set up. We're tracking events and festivals so that we can actually see the return on investment. It's more intentional and strategic."

Share successes internally with the board of directors 

"We're starting to penetrate national audiences where we otherwise wouldn't have. Our board loves to see the PR value and learn where the most impactful articles come from. To see these million dollar numbers attached to Tulsa is really impressive."

Plan for future growth by building relationships in new markets 

"We're still in the early stages here. We're planning to reach out to markets where we received coverage we never expected to see and try to leverage those new relationships into promotional activities. There's a real opportunity to put Meltwater's social tools to work here."

— Jessica Lowe-Betts, VP of Marketing and Branding