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Tier One Entertainment

With more than a thousand creators on their books and hundreds of projects underway, Tier One Entertainment needed a technology partner who could help them track the success of their creators and investments and provide data to inform their decision-making long into the future.

Meet Tier One Entertainment

Tier One Entertainment is a gaming and esports giant in Asia with a huge roster of creators and esports athletes. The company was founded in 2017 and launched its esports brand, Blacklist International, in 2020. Through Blacklist, Tier One Entertainment has esports teams competing in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Call of Duty: Mobile, Legends of Runeterra, and Garena Free Fire, to name a few.

The challenge Tier One Entertainment faced

Tracking the success, reach, and impact of hundreds of creators and projects is an enormous task to attempt manually. Tier One Entertainment needed a solution that could provide data-driven measurements and reporting both for their own use, in tracking talent, and for their advertising partners, sponsors, and other clients.

Joanne Llavore, Tier One Entertainment's Chief Commercial Officer, said the company also really needed to be able to dig deep into the data.

To do that effectively, Tier One Entertainment needed a tool that could quickly and easily track, measure, calculate and interpret millions of data points in a constantly evolving digital environment, on demand, in real-time.

Explore doesn't just allow us to track what our creators are doing, and the engagement they're getting on their social media posts, it's also a way for us to monitor the conversation around them, and around our brands and products, and to identify fresh new faces in the gaming and esports world who might just become our next big thing.

Jonathan de Belen, Head of Business Intelligence, Tier One Entertainment

The solution Meltwater provided to Tier One Entertainment

Tier One Entertainment has transformed the decision-making power of its team with two Meltwater products.

Firstly, they introduced Klear, Meltwater's influencer management platform, which offers discovery and vetting, campaign management abilities, reporting, and analytics. Klear is a real one-stop shop for any business engaging in influencer marketing.

Jonathan de Belen, Head of Business Intelligence at Tier One Entertainment, said Klear provides the data needed to supercharge talent management for the company.

Meltwater helps Tier One Entertainment to:

Plan, monitor and measure campaigns and their impact

Manage and monitor creators, advertisers and other partners

Determine fees, rates and charges that are accurate and cost-efficient

Scout for new talent, compare talent and track talent performance

Generate detailed, accurate, real-time reports, on demand

The big business advantage of Meltwater

By harnessing the power of Meltwater's Klear and Explore platforms together, Tier One Entertainment has been able to find incredible efficiencies in their business practices. Gone are old-fashioned, manual reporting methods.

From the commercial and business development team to the talent management and marketing team, business units across Tier One Entertainment have been able to revolutionise their decision-making with access to detailed, real-time data.