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The Warrior Project

TheWarrior Project is a social justice Non-Profit-Organisation (NPO), launched by local, philanthropic founders, that work to address the urgent needs of gender-based violence and domestic abuse in South Africa. The online, web-based service provides a free legal helpline as well as links to the police, counseling services and a list of shelters for South African women.

Meltwater Enables TheWarrior Project to

Identify The Relevant Journalists And Social Influencers

Send Press Releases Quickly

Monitor The Take-Up of Press Outreach Efforts


Reaching The Right People As Quickly As Possible  

As a social justice nonprofit company, addressing gender-based violence and domestic abuse was an urgent need for TheWarrior Project, especially during a time of crisis in South Africa. They also needed to reach as many people as possible and still raise awareness. For The Warrior Project, the 3 questions they had to answer were:

1. How do we get the information into the hands of the people who need it the most?

2. How do we keep drip-feeding content to relevant journalists?

3. How do we track take-up and traction? 

"Meltwater has exceeded my expectations. It was so easy to get started with Meltwater as the tool is very intuitive and the Meltwater Team and demo videos are great. We've been able to monitor the conversations happening out there and leverage other sources of relevant content, as well as report our progress to stakeholders. We're looking forward to spending more time exploring the other tools that Meltwater has to offer."

Yvonne Wakefield, Founder of TheWarrior Project


Meltwater's ICM Tool 

Being a new venture, The Warrior Project had no previous track record of what could possibly work to solve the challenge that they were facing. After using Meltwater's Influencer Contact Management Tool for a month, The Warrior Project was able to effectively distribute four highly targeted Press Releases - resulting in 18 articles feature in online news, with a collective potential reach of 117 Million people. 

With their most recent press release on the free legal advice that they offer via WhatsApp for victims of domestic abuse, The Warrior Project saw an increase in the number of people using the call center and WhatsApp line, along with some new publications through the Meltwater ICM Tool. 


Meltwater Helps The Warrior Project To  

Identify The Relevant Journalists And Social Influencers   

"Meltwater has allowed us to be completely on top of the conversation out there on the topics that we're engaged in, and to contact those on the same path as us." 

Send Press Releases Quickly 

"We're now getting content to the relevant news sources at scale and quickly. With Meltwater, we've had an unimaginable level of visibility into the market in an extremely short period of time." 

Monitor The Take-Up 

"For a start-up nonprofit, we've seen 1, 000 website visits in the first month, and this is ever-increasing. We've had over 30 ambassador sign-ups, massive media exposure with relevant messages during a socially and politically sensitive time." 

— Yvonne Wakefield, Founder of TheWarrior Project