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Sunshine Tour

The Sunshine Tour is Africa's premier membership organization for touring professional golfers and is one of the six leading international men's golf tours making up the International of PGATours which include the PGA Tour, the European Tour and the Asian Tour. Consisting of Southern Africa and the Indian Ocean Island regions, The Sunshine Tour stages a total of 52 events across all its brands which are Sunshine Tour, Sunshine Ladies and Big Easy Tour.

Meltwater Enables Sunshine Tour to

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Monitor Social Media News In Real Time

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Prove Their Value To Sponsors

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Build Relationships With Journalists


Monitoring The Media For Their Sponsors

As the Tour that sanctions tournaments both in the European Tour and Asian Tour, social media plays an important role for The Sunshine Tour. This means that they needed a solution that would help them stay on top of relevant media conversations during their tournaments. Not only was this important from a brand reputation perspective, but it was also critical to provide for their sponsors with investment ROI insights. 

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Mawethu Mbanga, Corporate Marketing at The Sunshine Tour

"Social media monitoring plays a pivotal role in our business as we have to provide media insight into our sponsor's brands during tournaments across social media platforms. With that being said, it's a simple process as Meltwater is assisting us with tracking sponsor's brand exposure and engagement across all media platforms during each tournaments we stage."

Mawethu Mbanga, Corporate Marketing at The Sunshine Tour


Meltwater's Media Monitoring Tool

Since using Meltwater, The Sunshine Tour has received a positive response from their sponsors due to the reports they receive. This has helped their sponsors see and understand how its brand has performed on all media platforms. For The Sunshine Tour, this has been a great advantage since they get to analyze which social media strategies worked and improve on them, plus, secure the place of future sponsorships. 


Meltwater Helps Sunshine Tour To  

Monitor Social Media In Real-Time

"Meltwater helps with live social media monitoring during each tournament through their dashboard or their app. This makes monitoring social media performance convenient so we don't miss out on the action." 

Prove Their Value To Sponsors

"Each report we get from Meltwater has an Advertising Value Equivalent (AVE) value, which demonstrates the amount a sponsor could have paid if they opted to advertise. The AVE value is always more than the amount sponsored which denotes that the sponsor does get more value at a reasonable amount of the sponsorship." 

Build Relationships With Journalists

"The reports always show the top publications or journalists that had mentioned the Tour or the tournament the most. This creates an opportunity to invite the publication or the journalist to our future tournaments in order to build a relationship with them." 

— Mawethu Mbanga, Corporate Marketing at The Sunshine Tour

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