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The Jaunt

Going into 2021, off-price luxury goods retailer The Jaunt faced an uphill battle to expand awareness of the brand. As the direct-to-consumer division of Madaluxe Group, North America's largest distributor of European luxury fashions, The Jaunt had recently rebranded and needed a way to introduce itself to new audiences without wasting resources and time. Its marketing teams turned to Meltwater to zero in on data that could help them drive revenue and build strong marketing partnerships.

Meltwater enables The Jaunt to:

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Analyze social data to identify new audiences

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Drive revenue via targeted partnerships

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Prove ROI of social campaigns

“Building meaningful relationships is something that we will continue to be able to do very successfully with Meltwater as a resource.”

Victoria Posmantur, Brand Marketing Manager, The Jaunt

Before working with Meltwater, The Jaunt relied on marketing tools that lacked the broad data collection and analytic capabilities that could help it find and serve its target audiences. Today, the brand’s marketing teams use Explore, Meltwater’s social listening and analytics platform, and influencer marketing platform Klear to guide and strengthen its digital marketing strategies.

“Our decision to move forward with Meltwater came down to the fact that, holistically, the platforms and tools that it offered really differentiated it from any competitor that we talked with,” says Celia Rudd, Performance Marketing Manager at The Jaunt. “Not only were we given Klear, which helped us establish data-driven partnerships that brought bottom line revenue to our company, but we were also given access to tools that no one else in the market was bringing to us, like social listening audience segments.” 

With Meltwater, The Jaunt can make its mark on the direct-to-consumer world by staying true to the brand.

Analyzing data to reach untapped audiences

The causes of traffic and sales spikes used to be a constant mystery for The Jaunt’s marketing teams, but after implementing Explore, they were able to find answers to their questions. With a target demographic of Gen-Z and young Millennial luxury fashion customers, the e-commerce brand relies on Meltwater’s social listening solution for real-time insights on what its audiences are talking about on the networks they frequent most.

Using the platform’s unlimited keyword search function, the performance marketing team is able to sort through and categorize the rush of conversations the brand’s audiences generate daily across a wide range of social channels. Tracking mentions of The Jaunt as well mentions of the brands, designers, and specific products it carries comes with an added bonus for the team: audience discovery. 

From medium- and high-spending style hunters to sustainability-focused trendsetters, The Jaunt’s existing and potential fans were hidden in an ocean of data. Explore’s high-level analytics visualizations like keyword clouds, top hashtag graphs, and geographic distribution charts helped Rudd’s team bring those audiences to the surface. 

“Being off-price, there are little pockets of communities that exist across the Internet that we wouldn't necessarily think of as our target demo,” says Rudd. “There's actually a wider customer base out there that is discussing our products that the social listening tool allows us to not only have insight into but monitor continuously. What we didn't expect to get was our ability to identify affiliate partners or PR partners to grow our business in a very data-driven way.”

The brand awareness journey can be riddled with pitfalls, but Meltwater helps ensure The Jaunt doesn’t scramble for reach and resonance. That effort saved helps the youth-focused brand build a dynamic future.

Expanding market share through strong influencer partnerships

While Explore helps The Jaunt tap into consumer-driven content, Klear helps it start conversations of its own through high-quality influencer marketing campaigns. 

Victoria Posmantur, Brand Marketing Manager at The Jaunt, uses the platform’s search tool to identify partners who can meet each campaign’s specific needs and goals. The ability to filter influencer profiles by qualities like area of expertise, location, and brand mentions helps her and her team get as specific as their fashion-forward audience calls for. 

Meanwhile, Klear’s True Reach algorithm, which verifies the level of influence by identifying fake followers, lets them initiate new partnerships with confidence. From there, the platform’s promo code generator and bonus affiliate program, which lets influencers earn extra cash through partnerships on the platform, adds even more fuel to each collaboration’s fire.

“The Klear tool helps us identify influencer partners who resonate with the brand and then, in turn, help us be our most authentic selves,” she says. “We want to be trailblazers in the industry. Identifying relationships that help us stay true to ourselves is going to make us the most successful because these partners are also the customer. When their code is driving sales, that excites them and helps the relationship. People email us and say ‘Oh my god, I've hit 100,000 sales.’”

Success was forecast in the data when The Jaunt used Klear to find an influencer who could appeal to audiences of two different luxury brands its store carries. When the partnership was underway, the influencer’s high True Reach score did not disappoint. 

“Once her audience was becoming more familiar with our brand and really understood the value, we saw a huge spike. That's a really good barometer of whether we want to continue working with them down the road,” says Posmantur.

With proven partnerships in place, The Jaunt can invest in more in-depth collaborations — like a gifting party for a top influencer and her friends — without needless risk. “We've been able to identify very strong partners who have driven a ton of sales who we wouldn't have found otherwise,” says Posmantur. “As we're expanding into different markets, this is a great way to understand who the key players are in different areas. It's a tool that we definitely plan to use as we continue to grow our influencer marketing program.” 

Quantifying campaign value to guide future investment

Along with helping The Jaunt manage influencer campaigns, Meltwater also helps the brand track and analyze them with precision. Before implementing the platform across its marketing teams, the business struggled to evaluate its brand-building initiatives. 

Meltwater’s influencer marketing platform saved The Jaunt’s marketing teams valuable time with full ROI, conversion, and sales tracking for its campaigns. Plus, customizable reports — shareable via PDF and protected links —made it easy for them to share key performance indicators with stakeholders across the company. 

“A lot of times with marketing with partners, you're throwing darts and seeing what sticks, but in this case, we're able to see sales that are driven by partnerships. We’re able to use that data to continue to drive sales,” says Posmantur. 

The brand has seen hundreds of thousands of dollars of new sales as a result of integrating the Meltwater influencer platform into its influencer marketing operations. “It's something that we weren't able to quantify before, but now we're really looking at influencer marketing as a serious investment and something that we want to continue allocating resources for so that we can continue growing our brand.”

Social media and influencer marketing continuously shake up the fashion and retail industries, but with Meltwater, The Jaunt’s marketing teams are strongly-positioned for whatever transformation comes next.

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