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The Hughes Agency

Hughes Agency is a full-service public relations, marketing, and advertising agency with decades of experience delivering measurable results for consumer, lifestyle, and corporate clients.

Meltwater Enables Hughes Agency to

Satisfy client needs in real-time

Monitor traditional and social media

Report to clients on trending coverage


Acting as a Strategic Partner in a Time of Change 

As a full-service agency, Hughes Agency tasks itself with staying on top of the news while sharing and shaping client coverage. Before Meltwater, some clients received only print clips and others received only digital when almost everyone wanted to see both. Once the conversation entered and grew on social media, the risks of missed coverage became that much more real. Clients began asking for coverage in real-time, and Hughes Agency wanted to deliver.

"We were limited in the insights we could offer clients with our previous tool, we wanted to be more on top of things so we could react faster and offer better guidance."

Amanda Long, Account Director, Hughes Agency


Delivering Meaningful Insights in Real-Time

Today, the Hughes Agency relies on Meltwater to capture every media mention, monitor reactions, and respond in real-time. Because many of their clients are active on social media, Hughes Agency monitors Facebook, Twitter, and other social feeds to see what's trending and help with crisis management. If a local story is picked up nationally or a conversation becomes controversial, Hughes Agency immediately alerts its clients.

On the road, Meltwater helps the PR team stay in touch. "We spend so much time at trade shows that logging into our laptops is a challenge," says Long. Meltwater's mobile app increases the team's responsiveness by enabling them to forward important news to clients even as it's happening.


Meltwater Helps Hughes Agency

Gain complete visibility into conversations anywhere 

"Meltwater's new platform allows me to be more nimble. An important client of ours was onsite at a conference and wanted all the coverage in real-time. We accessed the dashboard, pulled the report, and had it to him within minutes."

Guide decision-making with detailed reporting  

"We had a hot-button topic that was getting pickup across the country BuzzFeed, the Huffington Post, other national media- and our client needed to know where the reach was highest. That was important to them and that?s available with Meltwater reporting."

Listen, monitor, and respond in real time 

"The mobile app is a lifesaver. I was actually at my son's daycare when the news came through that my client's biggest competitor was acquired by a foreign company. I fired off the news to the executive team that minute. Without the mobile app, my client could have been blindsided."

— Amanda Long, Account Director