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Ten|10 Group

The Ten|10 Group is a boutique marketing and communications firm based in Denver, Colorado. Though small in stature, the firm punches above its weight, in only eight years it has become the communicator of choice for many large, privately held energy companies. Ten|10 recently adopted Meltwater to highlight the successes of its distinguished clients.

Meltwater Enables TEN|10 Group to

Track media coverage and the effectiveness

Generate detailed client reports

Drive more targeted engagement


Acquiring Intel More Efficiently

Before engaging Meltwater, Ten|10 generated its reports manually. They used Google News search to capture mentions of their clients and shared them with clients on an ad hoc basis. The process was time-consuming and often lacked context and detail.

Distribution of press releases was another high-touch affair. The team manually searched for receptive audiences but had no visibility into each media outlet's interest or whether in fact the release was even opened. There was no way to measure impact or to spot developing trends over time. 

"It was all very anecdotal, we knew we could do better."

Casey Nikoloric, Founder and Managing Principal, TEN|10 GROUP


Generating Insights Automatically

Meltwater analytics help Ten|10 generate quarterly reports for their clients automatically. Once a press release is sent, the platform provides visibility into media mentions and incorporates Google Analytics data to reveal traffic to client websites. Meltwater's versatile search function zeros in on coverage of their clients' events, and allows Ten|10 to instantly create reports around the awareness they generated directly from the platform.

The firm uses Meltwater's press release distribution to track the effectiveness of their efforts, including who picked up a release and who didn't. Meltwater's analytics allow them to dig deeper and determine whether they're targeting the correct audience. They can discern trends and guide clients on future releases, including recommending topics and strategies to increase open rates and drive more engagement


Meltwater Helps Ten|10 Group 

Distinguish itself from competitors

"Our sweet spot is independent oil and gas companies that are backed by private equity, and we think we are the best in that arena. Meltwater helps us retain that."

Use reporting as a way into more successful outcomes

"Being able to report to our clients is positive in itself. But then I can look closely at our press release distribution and wonder why this media outlet didn't pick this up, and this one did. In each case, we can follow up and turn these outcomes into positives."

Increase loyalty from existing customers and drive new business

"Meltwater is making a big difference. Our clients will look at these reports and the impact of the coverage we've generated over the last month and go 'wow.' Meltwater helps with retaining and expanding our current business, as well as attracting new clients." 

— Casey Nikoloric, Founder and Managing Principal