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TEAM LEWIS is a global marketing agency, founded in 1995, which services clients from 24 offices around the world and has a team of over 500 people. Their specialty? Using data and insights to inform creative marketing and communication campaigns for an international list of clients. Connection is at the heart of everything they do, as they bring together businesses and audiences through creativity, innovation and insights.

Meltwater Provides TEAM LEWIS With

Social Media Monitoring

Audience Analytics and Insights

Influencer Management and Reporting

The Challenge

Early on, TEAM LEWIS identified a need for specific tools that could help them meet the needs of their growing client list - particularly, exploring how social media users spoke about brands online.

This also meant gaining a deeper understanding of target audiences - for in-depth information on user demographics, behavioural patterns and interests. But how could TEAM LEWIS quickly and easily identify the media that audiences engage with or where they spend most of their time online?

In the same breath, TEAM LEWIS needed to make informed decisions on behalf of their clients who trust them to run strategic and creative campaigns that yield results. Part of this would mean using influence to reach audiences through the public figures they know and love. 

With this in mind, TEAM LEWIS wanted to find the right influencers, work closely with them and report on the campaigns they were involved in.

“Because we are an independent agency we are able to make decisions very fast, we’re able to action things very quickly and we can be very agile. Our approach to any type of campaign or work that we do is centered around data, insights and creativity”.

Alina Stan, Research and Insights Manager


Tapping into Social Conversations

TEAM LEWIS partnered with Meltwater to keep their fingers on the pulse of social conversations. This enabled them to gain insight into everything from brand mentions to hot topics in the media and potential crises that affected their clients. 

Deepening Analytics Insights

Over time, they expanded their access to the Meltwater portfolio, gaining in-depth audience analytics to understand social behaviours and preferences. 

“The audience tool I find very valuable because it helps us get really under the skin of the audience and identify the right people and the right demographics, where they are, what they spend their time on, what they like to read and what social media platforms they like to use because that helps us inform our campaigns”. 

Connecting with Influence

They also tapped into a world of influence by using the Influencer database to help them identify partners to work with in the media, and effectively track and measure the value of those relationships. 

“We use the influencer tool, particularly in our digital marketing teams, when we’re trying to roll out new digital marketing campaigns to find the right influencers, to maintain the relationship with them and to report back on the results that they’ve had”. 

“I would see the relationship with Meltwater continuing to develop and evolve alongside our growing global business needs and expect it to become even more strategic and see us working even more closely together than we have before to ensure we provide the best services for our clients”.

Alina Stan, Research and Insights Manager


Meltwater helps TEAM LEWIS to: 

Deliver bold, integrated marketing and PR campaigns that deliver results

Now TEAM LEWIS have support in achieving their mission, with targeted audience insights that help them create meaningful work for their clients. Not only can they better understand the audiences they’re speaking to but they can also give their clients a competitive edge. This is thanks to industry data and a wide view into the finer details of social media. 

Develop and evolve alongside growing business needs

As technology changes and the scope of online media grows, TEAM LEWIS are able to stay up-to-date on client mentions in real time, connecting with influence and broadening brand reach. And, with access to a wide variety of platforms, they never need to miss a mention - no matter how niche. 

Ensuring world-class service for their international portfolio of clients 

With the right tools in their toolbelt, TEAM LEWIS provides their clients with undeniable value, saving time and resources on automated tasks without compromising on in-depth insights and reporting. Refined analytics means they’re able to demonstrate value and use data to inform their strategic and creative approach. And, no matter their client’s location, there’s a Meltwater feature to help them stay connected. 

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