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Photo of a Tata Cliq ad "Real good brands at feel good prices"

Tata Cliq

Tata CliQ is an e-commerce venture by the Tata group. Available in 689 cities in India, Tata CliQ is a first-of-its kind multi- brand PHYGITAL e-commerce marketplace, seamlessly blending online and in-store shopping experience. They offer innovative services like click online, PIQ-up at store, return to store and ship from store through a large on-ground network of partners. The categories currently include authentic branded selection of apparel, footwear and electronics.

Meltwater Enables Tata CliQ to:

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Establish an effective reporting system

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Manage online reputation

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Derive maximum value through consulting


Setting up the Business Strategy for Success

E-commerce in India has seen steady growth over the years. The market has several established players selling merchandise at competitive prices by offering heavy discounts. As a new entrant in the market, Tata CliQ had several challenges to battle within the already established industry The brand, with their unique value propositions like C.A.M.E.L(Certified Authentic Merchandise Everybody Loves) and Phydigital, needed to plug gaps across in-store and online to bring the best of both worlds together and build customer trust and loyalty.

In order to do so, besides logistics, trusted partnerships and offline activities, they needed a reliable digital solution for interacting with the target audience, spreading awareness, managing customer service, keeping an eye on competition, evaluating marketing campaigns, discovering content ideas and researching fashion trends for planning the next expansion phase.

Photo of Tata Cliq products
Ruchir Falodiya, Lead, Community & Social Media at Tata Cliq

"Tata CliQ has unique brand propositions, which is also reflected through our CAMEL and #surething campaigns. Meltwater Engage has helped us measure the success and consumer responses to these campaigns along with spreading awareness by interacting with the audience through a single platform."

Ruchir Falodiya, Lead, Community & Social Media at Tata Cliq


Quick discovery and even quicker action with the Meltwater suite

Tata CliQ deployed Meltwater to aid research required for business development. They did this through monitoring of online media and social coverage to extract relevant information. The advanced search feature helped the brand in conducting editorial research related to the market, competition, product categories and more. They then used the insights found to streamline business decisions during their launch phase. Post this, to be competitive in the e-commerce industry, it was crucial for the brand to assess: sales cycles, consumer behavior, new products interests for diversification, new markets, previously successful advertising campaigns within the industry, popular content/ distribution channels and industry related news. All these insights were powered through relevant keywords searches within the Meltwater platform that enabled Tata CliQ to establish strategies and standards for the newly launched brand.

We've included a couple of examples where the brand incorporated Meltwater insight below:

- Evaluating festive campaigns in the past year to understand consumer responses

- Generating content ideas from the most talked about topics for the brand's 'Que magazine'

which establishes thought leadership and awareness within their target audience. Meltwater's listening capabilities also allows tracking and monitoring of their own coverage versus their competition's, while the Meltwater Engage platform helps them interact and engage one-on-one or en masse with their target audience through multiple social channels.


Meltwater Helps Tata CliQ To

1. Establish an effective reporting system

"The Meltwater team handpicks the most relevant metrics such as impressions, top posts, top influencers, engagement, content performance, sentiment, response rate, headline mentions, top publications and more to draft exclusive reports for news and social that help us determine our month on month performance vs. our competitors. The reports also help us analyze trends within our business. From a management point of view, one metric that we rely on is the employee performance report that helps us gauge the individual employee performance on the basis of tasks allocated to them within the platform."

2. Manage online reputation

By integrating all social profiles, we are able to tag posts into categories and allocate them to different representatives for better handling. We can effectively manage complaints of various kinds and address them quickly and directly through Meltwater's social media engagement platform.

3. Derive maximum value through consulting

Meltwater leads the way with its people support, they work as partners and support us in achieving our goals through regular consultancy.

— Ruchir Falodiya, Head of Community and Social Media

Screenshot of the Meltwater media intelligence platform