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Statistics South Africa is the national statistical service of South Africa. They aim to inform socio-economic development with accessible quality information through better statistics, better access to information and better management. By providing a relevant and accurate body of statistics, they inform users on the dynamics in the economy while leaning on the application of internationally acclaimed practices.

Meltwater Enables Stats SA to

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Monitor real-time trends

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Spot audience trends

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Improve social media management


Bringing a Traditional Business into the Digital Age

The government body has been in operation since 1910, but over the years, the business and industry landscape has changed drastically. Technology has transformed most sectors and the mindset of people. The way people engage and communicate has also evolved, from being linear and one-way to immediate and two-way. To keep pace with this change and transformation, Statistics South Africa needed to transform by incorporating sophisticated new-age technology and services with the goal of capturing relevant information in their surroundings. 

Statistics South Africa was in need of a media intelligence tool to help them track and analyze relevant conversations relating to the issues surrounding the data they collect. Not only this, but they also needed a way to disseminate this information through their statistical publications. 

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Vienie Botha

"We are now able to reach and respond to an audience that we were not aware of before Meltwater. We even have faster turnaround time on queries and comments which ensures good customer service from our end."

Vienie Botha


The Meltwater Platform Allows for Stronger Customer Insights

Statistics South Africa transitioned to Meltwater in September 2015. Since then, they have experienced personalized customer service to help ensure they meet their goals. With relevant and advanced keyword searches conducted by the Meltwater team, they were able to track more conversations and comments and engage directly with new and existing followers. Furthermore, such insights enabled them to amend their strategy and messaging to best suit their audience and data users.

Meltwater has made social media communication more proactive for the organization. The communications team is quickly made aware of the conversations around the various products and services on offer, allowing them to reach the right people, grow their reach and spread awareness through various media channels. 


Meltwater Helps Stats SA To

Monitor real-time trends

"We love the mobile app! It is easy to use and allows us to be in touch with all the latest happenings and insights even if we are on the road." 

Spot audience trends

"With Meltwater's ability to track keywords and abbreviations, we can now monitor conversations and questions related to our organization, even without being tagged in them. We can answer questions and disseminate information to users who have queries, opinions or who wish to get in touch with us."

Improve social media management

"Monitoring information has become easy and quick. Meltwater has made our social media team efficient and productive, we are able to access all conversations in one place without having to visit multiple platforms." 

— Vienie Botha

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