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Meltwater customer stories: Søstrene Grene

Søstrene Grene

Søstrene Grene is a Danish homeware retailer represented in many countries around the world. With a global presence, the company needed help with keeping an eye on the brand's mentions across media. Additionally, Søstrene Grene needed a tool in which they could identify relevant journalists and influencers from a global perspective.

Meltwater helps Søstrene Grene with

Advancing international PR

Finding relevant influencers

Media Monitoring


Monitoring and understanding global presence

Søstrene Grene experiences high media exposure, both in Denmark and abroad, which is why media monitoring and international PR management constitutes an important element of their communications work. With Meltwater, Søstrene Grene is able to monitor and manage their brand in a global context, while ensuring an in-depth understanding of their position in the market.

Søstrene Grene uses Meltwater's all-in-one PR tool for international press management. Through keyword searches and subject-based categories, Søstrene Grene can identify journalists and opinion leaders relevant to their specific industry and product area. This ensures that their PR strategy is based on insights that help increase effectiveness and performance.

Meltwater customer stories: Søstrene Grene
Meltwater customer stories: Søstrene Grene

"Meltwater allows us to advance our international PR work as their press module makes it easy to search international journalist contacts. On top of that, they offer effective media monitoring that helps us identify mentions across the world."

Mads Jensen, CCO - Head of Marketing, Communication & PR, Søstrene Grene


International PR Management

Identifying topics and influencers through the platform.

Finding key influencers

Identifying relevant journalists based on keyword searches, topics, location, etc.

Media Monitoring

Monitoring online and social media to keep track of brand mentions across borders.