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Trade Union Solidariteit has been protecting its members' rights against exploitation in the workplace since 1902. Solidarity currently offers a dependable service to approximately 140,000 members in all occupational fields, collectively and professionally, and has the passion and knowledge to look after its members' interests and to ensure that their rights are protected in the workplace. The union has more than 20 offices countrywide and members are served by more than 300 staff members and 1275 union representatives in thousands of companies.

Meltwater Enables Solidarity to

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Connecting to the Nation Online

Solidariteit has a long history in South Africa - in 2012 they celebrated their 110th anniversary. They have a large member base and have built substantial relationships and an outstanding reputation. Therefore, Solidariteit is mentioned across news and social media daily and they sought a solution that would monitor that while analyzing the relevant data and providing the tools they needed to increase engagement.

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Francois Redelinghuys, Communications Manager, Solidariteit

"Before Meltwater, we were using an alternate tool but it didn't give us a solution that was tailored and specific enough, nor did it include everything on one platform. Getting started with Meltwater was easy due to our Key Account Manager, Dominique, who is always readily available. I especially love that the app is integrated with the platform to give us a full-rounded analysis of the data most relevant to our business and industry."

Francois Redelinghuys, Communications Manager, Solidariteit


Maximizing Engagement

To help solve their challenges, Solidariteit turned to Meltwater's media intelligence tool as it combines everything in one platform. For the busy executive who couldn't possibly scan through all of their daily mentions across news and social media, the platform works well to track and deliver all of their company and industry news. In addition, the tool analyzes the data, provides insights and helps Solidariteit to manage and increase their social engagement as a result. 

They saw great value in the app too since it notifies them in real-time and it's another way to always be kept updated. 


Meltwater Helps Solidariteit To

Save Time

"We get quite a lot of media exposure and receive media coverage from various different media houses which includes both English and Afrikaans media all with their own news agenda and readership. It is therefore quite understandable that various different viewpoints are often portrayed regarding Solidarity. Meltwater, and especially the app, has lessened my load considerably as I can quickly scan where Solidarity is mentioned and respond accordingly."   

Manage Viral Social Posts

"This year Solidarity was entrenched in various viral social media posts. One case was when we voiced condemnation of a racist incident, after which we received quite threatening social posts. The Meltwater Engage platform helped to make it easy to handle demeaning comments, most of which contained swearing, during that time."  

Follow Industry Trends

"Because the products, platforms, and applications are integrated and work together so well, it's much easier for us to stay relevant, monitor relevant conversations, keep our finger on the pulse and follow industry trends." 

— Francois Redelinghuys, Communications Manager, Solidariteit