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SimCorp has many years of experience in developing state-of-the-art software for top-tier investment managers. The company is an independent, publicly traded entity headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Meltwater helps SimCorp with

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Global Media Monitoring

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Gathering Insights for Internal Reporting

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Gathering Insights on Trending Topics & Competitors


Editorial and social media brought together in one place

SimCorp uses Meltwater media monitoring of editorial, online and social media to keep an eye on its own brand, competitors and trends in the industry. Meltwater provides important insights and analysis of KPIs used to optimise strategic decision making, brought together in one integrated platform.

With Meltwater's tools, SimCorp can navigate extensive amounts of data and identify the most important insights to use in the company's internal reporting and newsletters.

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"Meltwater is a determining factor in our global monitoring and internal reporting on SimCorp, our competitors and "hot topics" in the market - both online and in social media"


All-in-one Platform

Global media monitoring

SimCorp benefits from in-depth monitoring of the company's brand, competitors, and the industry in Denmark and worldwide.

Insights for internal reporting

Through Meltwater's international dashboards, SimCorp gains an overview of trends and topics then uses insights to optimise the company's internal reporting process.

Overview of competitors and 'hot topics'

In addition to monitoring the company's own brand, SimCorp also analyses their competitors and wider industry trends, allowing them to stay at the forefront.

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