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Shelter Afrique

Shelter Afrique is a Pan-African finance institution that exclusively supports the development of housing in Africa. Created in 1982, the company has a wealth of experience and over the years has developed both residential and commercial housing in Africa. The use of online media intelligence has helped Shelter Afrique grow into a business that provides technical and financial resources for urban development. Their dedication to digital innovation, as well as a strong teamwork ethic between their employees spread across four regional hubs, has ensured that they remain the only dependable company financing affordable housing in Africa.

Meltwater Enables Shelter Afrique to

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Collect and Analyze Data in Real-Time

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Connect with Important Influencers

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Stay Ahead of the Conversation


Connecting to the Nation Online

Prior to using Meltwater, Shelter Afrique relied on a system of "rudimentary elements" to serve their online intelligence requirements. Manual tracking and data collation made identifying trends and reacting to brand mentions an onerous task that often left them slow to react. Being a Pan-African organization, Shelter Afrique also struggled to disseminate communications effectively across the countries in which they operated, leaving the company wanting for a platform equipped to automate online intelligence and media stakeholder engagement.

Babatunde Oyateru

"Our favourite feature is definitely the Meltwater Influencer Contact Manager tool. It pays for itself. That massive database of influencers has helped us immensely. We don't have to pay for contacts in far-flung countries anymore. It is easy to use and the help from the Meltwater team made it even better. The move to the new-and-improved platform was handled with a lot of dedication from the team, which made it easy even when it might have otherwise been tasking. The enthusiasm of the team is infectious."

Babatunde Oyateru


Automated Insights, Improved Performance

With Meltwater's media intelligence software, Shelter Afrique are now able to collect and interpret volumes of online data in real-time, keeping them ahead of the conversation and poised to act at a moment's notice. The automation of previously resource-intensive tasks like media tracking and analysis have meant that Shelter Afrique are now able to allocate more time toward their overarching communications strategy.

Meltwater's Influencer Contact Manager has also allowed Shelter Afrique the ability to quickly identify and connect with relevant journalists in an assortment of African countries, facilitating more effective and wide-reaching PR for both the brand and their projects.


Meltwater Helps Shelter Afrique To 

Collect and Analyse Data in Real-Time

"Meltwater's media intelligence tools have helped us to collect valuable data and analyze it to better understand where our brand is in the online space and where it is going." 

Connect with Important Influencers

"The Meltwater Influencer platform has enabled us to discover and contact important influencers across the continent. It has helped us immensely to extend our reach which, as a Pan-African business, is vital. We now know how to contact the right audience at the right time. That database is invaluable." 

Stay Ahead of the Conversation

"Because the products, platforms, and applications are integrated and work together so well, it'smuch easier for us to stay relevant, monitor relevant conversations, keep our finger on the pulse and follow industry trends." 

— Babatunde Oyateru

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