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Photo of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Founded in 1863 in the northern USA, the Seventh-Day Adventist Church is the world's fifth-largest Christian denomination. Active in South America from the early 1900s and with local headquarters in Brazil, they rely on Meltwater for media monitoring, analytics, reporting, a newsletter, a mobile app, and social media.

Meltwater Enables Seventh-Day Adventist to

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Never miss a mention — both in news and on social — in multiple languages

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Proactively manage their reputation with real-time alerts and insights

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Use the mobile app to stay current anytime and anywhere


Acquiring Real-Time Information and Analysis 

The Seventh-day Adventist Church and its 20 million members operate the world's second-largest network of schools, enrolling more than 1.8 million students, and the largest Protestant network of hospitals and clinics. They're active in 202 out of 230 countries recognized by the United Nations. Their global influence and interest in further expanding their community makes timely and accurate communications a priority.

Prior to engaging Meltwater, they lacked the ability to monitor news and social media mentions in real time and in different languages from a single platform with built-in translation capabilities. They wanted to receive alerts each time an important mention or query was published about their organization— enabling their communications team to respond quickly— and sought a tool with metrics that could be customized to fit their needs. They realized a mobile app would allow them to be even more responsive. 

Communications Manager Felipe Diemer de Lemos says, "We worked with other media monitoring companies previously, but they were focused exclusively on news clippings, didn't include social, and were severely limited in terms of the real-time analytics we needed to conduct church business. We quickly outgrew them." 

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"Along with ongoing news coverage, we have very strong social networks— Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube— and we needed monitoring capable of tracking both traditional and social media channels."

Felipe Diemer de Lemos, CommunicationsManager, Seventh-Day Adventist Church


A Versatile, All-in-One Communications Platform 

South America's vast scale and diversity require a powerful communications tool. Not only has Meltwater proven itself up to the task— providing comprehensive media monitoring, social media, robust analytics, translation capabilities, a newsletter, and a mobile app— at times it seems it can manage itself. CommunicationsManager Felipe Diemer de Lemos says he can go an entire day monitoring his feed using only the mobile app. This frees him and his team to tend to other tasks. Insights culled from the dashboards can be used to proactively correct misinformation published about the church and collectively manage its reputation. 

Diemer de Lemos says Meltwater is instrumental in preparing his team to talk to the press. Along with the analytics the platform supplies, there is also the daily newsletter and the recaps it provides to keep everyone informed. 

Meltwater's multilingual capabilities— with built in translation— are a godsend, so to speak, given the need to communicate in multiple languages. Diemer de Lemos says, "Meltwater allows us to monitor our keywords in Portuguese and Spanish mainly, although I also monitor in English. Keeping up with all of our communities is absolutely essential."

"I use the mobile app a lot. It's fast and agile, and alerts me to what's happening in the moment. I can clearly— and almost instantly— grasp a message's content from the keywords that Meltwater surfaces for me."

Felipe Diemer de Lemos, Communications Manager, Seventh-Day Adventist Church


Meltwater Helps Seventh-Day Adventist 

Access content quickly to respond to queries and requests 

"The alerts I get from the Meltwater platform make a huge difference in my ability to act fast and appropriately. I use recaps from the dashboards and content streams to brief the regions and handle any situations that arise intelligently. I almost certainly wouldn't be able to reply promptly otherwise."

— Donna Candelori, Director of Corporate Communications

Understand their audience and identify social trends 

"Social channels are very important to us to take the pulse on our audience. The social team can measure whether an issue is being viewed negatively or positively by the majority of people. Before then we might not have had any idea. Knowing how people feel about a topic helps us frame our response to the media." 

— Donna Candelori, Director of Corporate Communications 

Adapt to changing needs with tools that evolve with them 

"The tool has always been easy to use — it's very intuitive. In addition, we've seen the platform perfected over time to meet even more of our needs. This is true of the mobile app as well. Whenever we suggest an improvement, Meltwater has been very receptive. It's been an extremely productive relationship."

— Felipe Diemer de Lemos, CommunicationsManager 

Screenshot of Meltwater Dashboards and Word Clouds with mentions