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Seven A.D.

Seven A.D is a leading independent advertising agency in the Philippines, and is a five-time Independent Agency of the Year winner. They are well known for their authentic and unique advertising campaigns, such as Resorts World Manila’s signature whisper and PSBank’s Simple lang, Maasahan campaign, that have successfully resonated with Filipino audiences.

Meltwater Enables Seven A.D. To:

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Win new business clients

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Draw insights to create authentic campaigns

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Strengthen relationships with existing clients


Prior to working with Meltwater, Seven A.D. needed a data partner who could help them generate insights about market and consumer trends using social media data. Without an eye on social media conversations, they faced difficulties in getting a nuanced understanding of audience sentiment and conversations happening on-the-ground. As every agency pitch is different, they needed a solution that can give them the flexibility to generate external data and insights across a range of target audiences and industries efficiently. Being able to access this insight real-time was critical to formulating a convincing and effective advertising strategy to win new businesses and to position themselves as a reliable adviser to help grow their existing clients’ digital journey.


Seven A.D. was moved from the Sysomos platform to Meltwater Explore when Meltwater acquired Sysomos in 2018. Through refined boolean searches, Seven A.D. was able to capture and analyse social media conversations across a diverse range of industries and target audiences in real-time. Being able to generate insights on a potential client’s social and media footprint, digital share-of-voice, and audience’s insights has put them ahead of the competition in winning new business pitches. “As an agency that takes pride in knowing local Filipino insights and keeping an ear to the ground, having a social listening tool that’s easy-to-use yet powerful is advantageous,” says Tob Castaneda, Digital Director of Seven A.D. “The tool helps us understand our consumer, our competition, and the category better.” 

Seven A.D. was also able to strengthen their relationships with their existing clients.  Meltwater’s automated dashboards enable Seven A.D. to effectively measure qualitative metrics and draw insights on their clients’ digital presence. This empowers them to provide the best recommendations and drive strategic change for their clients. “Meltwater’s interface is easy to use and teach to others. Mentions and metrics are not intimidating compared to most social listening tools out there.”

Tob Castaneda, Digital Director, Seven A.D.

"As an agency that takes pride in knowing local Filipino insights and keeping an ear to the ground, having a social listening tool that is easy-to-use yet powerful is advantageous. The tool helps us understand our consumer, our competition and the category better."

Tob Castaneda, Digital Director, Seven A.D.

The Impact

Winning Pitches with Confidence

SKY Fiber Digital Pitch 

"The brief was to make home broadband appealing to millennials. We used Meltwater in two ways. First, since Filipinos are vocal online about their dissatisfaction to their current telco, Meltwater helped us to identify their pain points and craft a message that will cut across the clutter. And second, when we decided to appeal using their passions as a creative route, Meltwater helped us to identify what their interests are, and what about those interests will make them remember our ads. We won the pitch and created a series of bite-sized videos using millennials' passions."

Developing Successful Digital Strategies for Existing Clients 

Chippy Philippines

"Influencers are a dime a dozen nowadays. We wanted our ChippyKada's (target audience) to feel represented by the influencer we choose. In order to achieve this, we used Meltwater to build a guerilla campaign that not only gave our ChippyKadas the influencer they deserved but also increased engagement and relevance for Chippy online.

When we found out that 90% had musicians on the top of their following list, we gave the audience power to create their own influencer band, the name of the band’s album, and their hit single. We used Meltwater to listen in more closely to their responses. After much data gathering, our culminating effort for this influencer campaign led to a music video release that had a song and band made from the imagination and mentions of our ChippyKadas.” Watch the music video here.

kidMMUNITY by Similac GainSchool

"It goes without saying that Moms care a lot about their kids so they are always on the lookout for the best products that fit their needs. That's why for Similac GainSchool, we used Meltwater to take a deeper dive into Filipino Moms' psyches to find unique insights that can make our efforts more relevant to them -- especially when COVID-19 crisis hit the country. Through social listening, we discovered the changes in behaviors of Moms as they navigated the uncertainties of the health situation and how it can affect their kids. Armed with these insights, we came up with the kIdMMUNITY campaign for Similac GainSchool, which helped Moms learn from fellow moms and health experts how to boost their kids' immunity."

Meltwater Helps Seven A.D To

Win new business clients

“Relying on Meltwater as a data partner to provide external insights has helped position ourselves as a credible agency to work with. Potential clients trust us when we show that we have a deep understanding of their target audience, competitors and industries.”

Continue creating authentic campaigns

“Meltwater has helped us keep a close eye on the ground. The number of sources Meltwater tracks is unparalleled, and this gives us a complete 360 understanding of the local audience. That is how we continue to create authentic campaigns that the Filipino audience love.” 

Strengthen relationships with existing clients

The easy-to-use automated dashboards help us closely monitor our clients’ campaigns in real-time. This saves us so much time in providing client reports, and hence we are able to allocate more resources to strategizing and providing the best recommendations to our clients.”