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But with thousands of regular customers and millions of users of its app every single day, Setel needed to know what was being said about its product and service offerings by users, so it could respond quickly.

Meltwater helps Setel

Understand social sentiment of the brands and its services

Respond quickly to customer issues and concerns

Ensure the entire marketing team has visibility on every issue

Get visibility on its social media mentions

Meet Setel

When Setel was launched in November 2018 it was introduced to Malaysians as the first e-payment solution for fuel purchases directly from mobile devices. The app was the first of its kind in South-East Asia, allowing customers to purchase fuel in a few clicks from the comfort of their vehicle, without having to visit the cashier.

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Picture of Eunice Yin Ern

The automatic integration of Meltwater's social listening into Slack has really helped us close the gap in terms of our customer response times.

Eunice Yin Ern, Social Media Lead, Setel

Challenges that Setel faced previously

Setel's popularity has boomed along with its service offering, with millions of people across Malaysia relying on the company's app and its services. While that's the kind of uptake startups dream of, when customers are relying on you, that's also a great responsibility.

Setel had no easy way to monitor and respond to whatever conversations customers were having about them on social media. That meant they not only couldn't gauge the general sentiment of the brand effectively, but they also couldn't respond to specific customer needs and concerns.

The solution that Meltwater had provided Setel

Meltwater gave Setel exactly what they were looking for, including some additional functionality that has supercharged the company's ability to respond to customers quickly.

Setel's Social Media Lead, Eunice Yin Ern, said Meltwater's integration with the business messaging app Slack had been key to the decision to choose Meltwater as a social listening and communications partner.

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