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Photo of the Seedstars global winners 2017


Seedstars is a Swiss-based company with a mission to impact people's lives in emerging markets through technology and entrepreneurship, with a particular focus on the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The company provides tech entrepreneurs in emerging markets with different investments and educational opportunities, across 85+ countries.

Meltwater Enables Seedstars to

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Promote events

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Track and share their event performance

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Set goals for their future events


How to monitor the impact of all their events around the world?

Seedstars run 100+ local competitions and events all around the world, where they give the startups training, identify and select the best seed-stage startup from each country and award the winners with an opportunity to participate in one of the Regional Summits in Asia, CEE, Latam, Africa or MENA.

This event gives the start-ups a chance to qualify for the Seedstars Global Summit in Switzerland, where one of them will be crowned Seedstars World Global Winner. The challenge for the communication team was to track the visibility of those events during each stage of the organisational process.

Whilst using different tools and relying on the native data provided by their owned social channels directly, they were missing the overall picture which would enable them to track their results before, during, and after each event.

Measuring the visibility of their events was crucial for Seedstars. For each event, they work with different partners and sponsors, who expect media exposure in return.

Photo of a Seedstars stage

"Meltwater gives us the big picture. With this holistic approach, we can really see how our visibility is growing over time. The platform gathers information from all those different sources, which was done manually before, and was quite inefficient and time consuming. Now, we can just log into Meltwater and jump into our analytics to set up our content plan."

Nadia My khalevych, Marketing Communications Manager, Seedstars


A platform with real-time data to track and share their events' performance

Seedstars is now using a platform that enables them to understand the big picture of their events' visibility. The Seedstars team has now created different dashboards for each event, on which they can follow different metrics in real-time, like the number of mentions and reach, to understand how many people were connected with their activities.

They can also easily detect if a specific influencer or media source has mentioned their upcoming events, and identify the different trends which held the public's attention during the event.

The insights extracted with Meltwater are then directly implemented in their communication strategy. For instance, they can easily measure the success of their promotional campaigns, identify which strategies work and which do not, and adjust their promotion along the way.

Once an event is over, Nadia and her team can generate a performance report, and share it with the local teams and partners who helped organize the event. These reports help them to demonstrate to their partners the visibility that their collaboration with Seedstars can bring them.

Beyond their events, Meltwater also helps monitor the media visibility of Seedstars' community spaces, and measure the impact of marketing on their popularity.


Meltwater Helps Seedstars to

Promote events

We track 3 or 4 months in advance before any events. So when we do any promotional activities, we can track any peaks in mentions and reach across time. This means we can quickly identify if our strategy is working or if we should try different approaches.

Track and share their event performance

We host a lot of regional summits, in Asia, America, Central and Eastern Europe or in the Middle East. After each event, our regional managers need to report to their partners on key metrics of the event, one of them being the visibility generated. Through the Meltwater platform, I can quickly create a shareable dashboard with all the metrics of the regional event and send them to the regional managers, so they can share it with our partners.

Set goals for their future events

The data gives us the ability to set KPIs and goals for our upcoming events. We always try to aim for higher numbers. Last year, our Seedstars Summit in Lausanne gathered 1000 participants and got a reach on social of 4 million. So we set the goal for 6 million this year, and we actually ended up with a reach of 8 million readers!

Screenshot of the Meltwater platform with dashboards