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See Me

See Me is Scotland's national programme to end mental health stigma and discrimination and was founded in Edinburgh in 2002. The charity is funded by the Scottish Government and Comic Relief, but managed by SAMH AND The Mental Health Foundation as a non-profit organisation. As a non-profit, See Me aim to end mental health stigma and discrimination to enable those suffering to live fulfilled lives. They have a small team of 14, with Nick Jedrzejewski as the CommunicationsManager. The main goals of the charity are to end discrimination towardsmental health, ensuring employees have positive workplace mental well being, youngsters have the knowledge and understanding about mental health and those going through troubling times due to poor mental health are supported.

Meltwater Enables See Me to

Save Time When Gathering Insights

Increase Brand Reach

Prove ROI to Managing Partners & Funders

The Challenge

Improve Broadcast & Media Intelligence

Over the years, See Me has struggled to find a solution that was tailored to their needs as a company. To quickly spot trends and discussion points in the media on mental health, the See Me team wanted to have a tool that they could all access and navigate through with little effort. As well as this, the team wanted to be sure they never missed a mention and that all of their broadcast coverage was picked up and presented in real-time. In the past, See Me relied on software that would miss key broadcast coverage, making it difficult for the team to understand their true impact in the media. For See Me, these were the three key challenges: 

  1. Limited media intelligence - The team weren't receiving all of their broadcast coverage.
  2. Poor account management - See Me had to continuously follow up with representatives to ensure they received all of their data.
  3. Missing key opportunities - Even when notifying their provider, the team found it difficult to track key upcoming events and mentions in the media. 
Nick Jedrzejewski Portrait

"We have used a variety of media monitoring services over the years, to track our own coverage, and see what is appearing in the media on mental health. We have always had issues getting all of our broadcast coverage, as the software used to find the clips didn't always find everything we had in the media. We have tried to address this with a variety of media monitoring companies, but not to a level which helped to fix the issue."

Nick Jedrzejewski, Communications Manager, See Me


Never Miss a Mention

Now using Meltwater's Media Intelligence platform, See Me can freely monitor & analyse all of their press and broadcast coverage in one consolidated platform. By having access to an all in one solution, the team no longer faces the challenge of chasing account representatives or using multiple tools - meaning they can be confident they will never miss a mention.

Building Influential Relationships

As well as having access to all broadcast and media coverage in real-time, See Me can now also build influential relationships with journalists and media professionals to help get the See Me story heard. Within the Influencer Contact Management tool, See Me can now build targeted media lists, and use them to reach those who can spread their message best.

For See Me, being able to find, contact and engage with journalists is extremely helpful when it comes to forming new alliances and connecting with new leads. To get their mission as a charity heard within the mental health landscape this means working with those who have a strong voice in the community, and proves to be a vital part of their marketing and communication strategy. 


Justify Their Work

Being funded &managed by larger organisations, the See Me communications team have to justify their marketing efforts to their higher-ups. Using Meltwater, the team can now present quick and digestible figures, as well as in-depth reports to show just how their work is making a difference.

Make Their Message Heard 

Prior to using Meltwater, the See Me team had to spend a lot of time using other tools to compile all of their broadcast and media coverage. Now, instead of chasing others for the insights, they have individual access to an all-in-one solution. Here, they can find, work and engage with new influential voices in the sector and track coverage that they receive on the back of these partnerships.