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Saxo Bank

Saxo Bank is a leading fintech and regtech specialist who provides traders, investors and partners with access to FX, CFDs, stocks, options, and more from a single account.

Meltwater helps Saxo Bank with

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Global Media Monitoring

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Global PR Influencer Outreach

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Data-Driven Decision-Making


Using data as the basis for informed decision-making

Operating in an international arena, it is essential for Saxo Bank to secure international coverage, build relationships with relevant media influencers, and keep track of the brand's mentions across media from a global perspective.

By leveraging Meltwater's media intelligence tool, Saxo Bank is able to save time by knowing exactly when and where the brand is mentioned without manual work involved. Additionally, Meltwater's PR influencer database helps improve Saxo Bank's PR outreach by connecting them with people who are interested in what they have to say.

Identifying relevant journalists globally

With the use of Meltwater's Influencer database, Saxo Bank obtains a data-driven approach to PR and communications, which is a determining factor for successful media performance. Meltwater's tools allow Saxo Bank to identify and reach out to the most relevant journalists and influencers on the international level based on keywords, industries, and topics, etc. This prevents a spray and pray approach, therefore improving ROI through more effective and efficient outreach.

Meltwater customer stories: Saxo Bank

"Meltwater helps us with media monitoring and their influencer tool gives us the possibility to take a far more data-driven approach to PR, which is a determining factor for an international company such as Saxo Bank."

Saxo Bank

A Global Solution

Monitoring global presence

Meltwater's media monitoring tool helps Saxo Bank to stay at the forefront of the industry while managing the company's brand on an international level.

Engaging the most relevant influencers

By partnering with Meltwater, Saxo Bank is able to reach out to relevant journalists and influencers based on keywords, industry, and topics.

Data-driven PR work

Saxo Bank can now adopt a data-driven approach to help inform strategic decision-making.

Screenshot of the Meltwater media database