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Save the Children

Save the Children is an independent global NGO present in 120 countries who are leading the way in rights of minors. In India, they're active in 20 states and have changed the lives of 6.1 million Indian children. They believe every child deserves a bright future and run programs to reach the most deprived children with the aim of providing them with opportunities to learn, a healthy start in life and protection from harm.

Meltwater Enables Save the Children to:

Measure share of voice

Share coverage on their website

Establish a reporting mechanism


A requisite for monitoring current issues and impactful coverage

With its internal and external communications and media team of nearly 25 professionals, Save the Children handle a variety of responsibilities related to online and offline media. These teams ensure that the Save the Children organization is the leading voice for children related issues. The organization has a rigorous calendar of activities, advocacy programs and campaigns they run for the welfare of children every year, some on a large scale while others on a moderate scale, nevertheless attracting a lot of media attention. Beyond this, the organization also wanted to pitch the media with credible data found from primary and secondary research conducted by their teams on trending issues around children such as female education, child labor, street children etc.

The team needed to measure the reach and monitor the quality of media that was writing about the organization. They also needed to understand the pulse of the public and current relevant issues.

"The daily morning and afternoon alerts help us stay on top of the pulse of the industry and react accordingly to the trending topics and themes. We can tailor campaigns and address the issues in time and spread awareness within the public."

Devendra Singh Tak, General Manager - Media and Communication National Support Office at Save the Children


Simplifying media and PR reporting

After experimenting with various monitoring and tracking solutions, Save the Children partnered with Meltwater to help solve their media and PR needs. The Meltwater listening tool allows them to track news and information on various issues related to children such as child health, child abuse, child education etc. It also helps the team to share relevant information they need to action or start spreading awareness about. Besides tracking general industry topics, they also track the coverage of their popular campaigns and advocacy programs. Customized searches using relevant keywords assist them in benchmarking their share of voice in the media against activities and campaigns of other NGOs aimed at children welfare.

Monitoring the source of their published material helps maintain the quality of their coverage and journalist relationships, along with providing an opportunity to identify other potential publications covering similar topics. During events and campaigns, other tools from the Meltwater suite, such as the influencer contact database, assist them with their PR efforts by offering access to thousands of journalists and bloggers. Segmenting the journalists according to beat and publications allows them to disseminate their press releases to targeted and relevant sources and gain maximum results.


Meltwater Helps Save the Children To

1. Measure share of voice

The Meltwater share of voice dashboards help in measuring Save the Children's media exposure in comparison to other NGO's involved in similar initiatives. The share of voice metric keeps them on track of the number of opportunities they must contribute to in order to adhere to their mission of being the number one leading center for child related issues.

2. Share news coverage directly on website

Save the Children's Newsfeed that's featured on their website is powered by Meltwater and helps their site become a go to source of information. Teams are able to cherry pick recent coverage about the organization and wider industry so they can control the conversation. Not only does this have a positive impact on fundraising, but it also significantly helps from an SEO perspective.

3. Establish a reporting mechanism

The monthly news and social media reports prepared by the Meltwater team helps Save the Children to monitor the overall health of the organization. For example, they can track whether they're being credited for giving a realistic picture and facts, whether certain celebrity endorsements have been successful, and what other programs have remained popular with the audience. They then use success data from these reports to help pitch to donors and partner with potential advocates.