Santander Rio Bank

In Touch with Their Community

Serving 3.5 million customers and more than a quarter million businesses, Santander Río is Argentina's largest private bank, with headquarters in Buenos Aires. They began using Meltwater's media intelligence platform to better understand the communities they serve — and get closer to them.

Meltwater Enables Santander Río Bank to

Understand public perception at all times by tracking brand mentions across traditional and social channels

Track campaign progress as well as key industry topics and report on them via shareable dashboards

Counter any potentially damaging narratives before they spin out of control


Responding in Real Time to Developing Threats 

Financial services companies understand that time is money and reputation matters. Continual scrutiny from the business press as well as people speaking freely on social media created a need at Santander Río for a platform that could monitor and assess their standing with the public.  

Because the bank plays such a pivotal role in Argentina's economy and communities, using metrics to understand perception of the bank's products and services became essential. The communications team was also anxious for insights on how their marketing campaigns and public outreach were being received. 

In addition to reliable data, the PR team wanted to easily share alerts with each other and key stakeholders within the bank. The ability to monitor on the go from anywhere was a must-have feature for 24x7 insight into ongoing media commentary. 

Corporate Communications Analyst Guido Matijas says, "The business news cycle is relentless. The main challenge was to monitor in real time and stay on top of relevant mentions on social media and in the news. I've developed a habit of sharing notes with colleagues right from the mobile app." 

"There are important stories you become aware of that interest you. Having a platform that allows you to follow every development is vital."

Guido Matijas, Corporate Communications Analyst, Santander Río


Comprehensive Monitoring and Close Coordination 

Today Santander Río uses Meltwater to monitor brand mentions across all traditional and social media channels. Keyword searches further allow them to monitor and research an unlimited number of topics. If a critical mention or complaint gains steam, the communications team uses Meltwater to collect and assess other comments related to the topic. 

Meltwater's powerful analytics enable the bank?s communicators to measure customer and public sentiment. Shareable dashboards and close coordination with the social networks team helps determine whether further action is required.

An internal newsletter and multiple RSS feeds round out the Meltwater offering to ensure all stakeholders are well informed. What the team is doing with Meltwater is clearly working. By countering narratives before they widen into something bigger and potentially damaging, Santander Río appears responsive and in control to both their customers and shareholders.  

Guido Matijas is quick to credit the platform and its mobile app, saying "Meltwater's tools enable us to detect and anticipate issues that, left unaddressed, could easily become threats down the road. Meltwater has become an excellent strategic communications partner by looking out for our interests."

"Meltwater is fundamental to our success. It plays a key role in helping us respond to inaccurate or incomplete information before it acquires traction with the public."

Guido Matijas, Corporate Communications Analyst, Santander Río


Meltwater Helps Santander Río Bank  

Formulate and execute long-term media strategies 

"Our workday begins with Meltwater's media monitoring reports. Based on the sentiment and our level of exposure, these reports dictate everything that follows. We use the platform's intelligence to help us craft the messages we want to convey to our stakeholders and to create our communications strategy." 

Monitor events and alert colleagues from anywhere via the mobile app 

"The mobile app offers me a real-time snapshot when I'm on the road. The sentiment analysis is like a thermometer that reveals how people feel. Changes in public opinion appear right in the app. If I get an alert or an important mention, I can share this with my team and we can jump into action."

Assess message reach and audience perception via shareable dashboard  

"People here love the analytics and frequently share the dashboards with colleagues in other departments. Meltwater has made the dashboards more intuitive and easier to use. They're also now easier to secure—— you can assign passwords to your dashboards— which is a big deal when you're handling sensitive data."

— Guido Matijas, Corporate Communications Analyst