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South African National Blood Service

SANBS is a not-for-profit organisation providing blood transfusion services in South Africa including eight of the nine provinces. The company, founded as an amalgamation of regional blood banks, operates across the country hosting blood drives in shopping malls, schools, and other public spaces. The NPO relies on the goodwill of South African citizens to donate blood, which is why the company places such massive importance on its social media platforms - a space to inform, engage and build (and maintain) a relationship with current and potential donors.

Meltwater enables SANBS to:

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Efficiently manage and disseminate social media content

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Create in-depth reports by pulling customised insights from the platform

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Build and maintain a great relationship with its online community

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All in one solution for social and media monitoring

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Increase and report back on brand exposure which drives blood donation

Rethabile Melato, Social Media Specialist at SANBS

“Our favourite feature with Meltwater is Analytics. Because you can customise your search to suit your needs at the time, it’s also great that you can compare different periods in the reporting.“

Rethabile Melato, Social Media Specialist at SANBS


For an NPO like SANBS, keeping loyal and potential donors updated (especially about blood drive locations) is the key to receiving blood donations, which is why 24/7 customer service is essential to the business.

With limited resources, it’s challenging to increase the size of a team to ensure quicker response time, more frequent posting, and detailed reporting, which is why a platform is required. However, most traditional social media marketing platforms are one-dimensional, still requiring a lot of manpower to assist in responding to queries, escalating them, posting on multiple platforms, and tracking and monitoring progress, making it not worth the expense. 

Managing multiple social media platforms was proving to be a more considerable undertaking than the small team could manage. Social media response time was slow, and the company couldn’t track which team members were responding to queries to hold them accountable for delays. Posting content was time-consuming, and reports lacked the detailed analytics necessary for growth.

After attempts at traditional manual social media marketing and trying out multiple social media management platforms, SANBS turned to Meltwater for a solution. 


The goal with Meltwater? Simple. To create a single point of contact for the business to improve responsiveness, post content quickly and efficiently across channels, track mentions, and monitor all of its media performance, including social media.

Meltwater enables SANBS to create a single point of contact for posting, responding to queries, and managing responsiveness is the easiest way to increase SANBS' social media efficiency. 

SANBS uses Meltwater for Social listening, the Meltwater media monitoring suite, and the Meltwater social media management solution, giving them one tool to manage every channel. SANBS now has 360-degree protection and visibility of their exposure across social, media & traditional conversations.

SANBS is successfully able to manage and compare statistics from multiple media platforms, allowing the company to create better content specific to its channel and maximise the opportunities of the media channel. A bonus for the company was how unique and detailed the analytics part of the platform was, giving SANBS a chance to better monitor and improve its media. 

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Meltwater helped transform SANBS social media marketing management without having to grow their team and, in turn, increased and maintained its blood donor loyalty. What could we do for you?