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Meltwater customer stories: Salvation Army

The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army uses Meltwater media monitoring to keep an eye on what's being said about them in editorial and social media. Using Meltwater's media monitoring, they can then view and analyse the data presented and develop various reports to guide strategic decision making. In addition to this, The Salvation Army also uses Meltwater's press tool to find relevant journalists to contact and spread awareness.

Meltwater Enables Salvation Army to

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Monitor their industry

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Identify relevant journalists

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Monitor competitors


Structuring and collecting all information was a struggle

The Salvation Army wants to be able to monitor what is written about them. With Meltwater's media monitoring, they can easily follow what is said, and at the same time, have the insights presented in a structured manner through analysis and reports. With the data Meltwater provides, The Salvation Army can analyse how many conversations mention them and the context of mentions, for example, whether it's a positive or negative story. This way, they can see and understand whether their strategies are successful or need adjustment.

By monitoring what's being said about their competitors, The Salvation Army can more effectively benchmark, therefore helping them to make comparisons and set targets.

Lars Beijer Information Manager at Salvation Army

"I would say that you need to have competitive intelligence. Competitive intelligence is necessary to know whether your communication efforts are working"

Lars Beijer Information Manager at Salvation Army


Identifying relevant journalists

The Salvation Army also uses Meltwater's press tool to identify relevant journalists. The journalist search function lets them find journalists writing about the subjects and areas where they wish to be visible, therefore avoiding a spray and pray approach. Media visibility is important for the Salvation Army since it increases the chance of people being aware of their work, which is likely to have a positive impact on donations too. By being able to identify relevant journalists, they can work more efficiently and connect with the people who are interested in what they have to say, naturally, this has a positive increase on their media exposure.


Meltwater Helps Salvation Army to 

Monitor the media

Meltwater helps the Salvation Army to monitor what's written about them in editorial and social media.

Search for relevant journalist

Using Meltwater's press tool, the Salvation Army can contact with journalists who are interested in their work and thereby increase their media exposure.

Save time

The Salvation Army is able to save time by using Meltwater's tool - time that they can now spend on other aspects of their communication strategy.