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Founded in October 2000, Safaricom is the largest telecommunications provider in Kenya, and is one of a small group of about 400 companies across Africa whose annual revenues exceed $1billion. As the leading company that provides mobile telephony, mobile money transfer as well as fibre optic services, Safaricom is renowned as the home of MPESA, a mobile banking SMS-based service and continues to be an industry leader within the telecommunications space.

Meltwater Helps Safaricom to:

Measure the Reach of Published Stories

Discover Publishers Mentioning Their Brand

Monitor Brand Mentions on Various Sources

Challenge: Having a Continuous Overview of Our Brand

Being the leaders in telecommunications within Kenya is no small feat, and for Safaricom, the company needed to continuously monitor online brand mentions to ensure they remained ahead of the curve in the industry.

With press releases sent out on a consistent basis, Safaricom also needed to ensure that they could monitor the reach of the stories they generated, and how their audiences received the message through sentiment.

Having a continuous overview of their brand is what Safaricom needed, and Meltwater exceeded all expectations.

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"It was easy to get started with using Meltwater, and the team is such a joy to work with. They are very helpful and always willing to teach us how to leverage all of the features available on the platform."

Vivienne Ethangatta, Corporate Communications & Social Media Manager, Safaricom

Solution: Monitoring Real-Time Mentions at the Palm of our Hands

Since partnering with Meltwater, Safaricom have been able to monitor, in real-time, any mentions of the brand online, as well as the sentiments that are associated with these mentions. By receiving alerts on email, and mobile notifications through the Meltwater app, Safaricom is always in the know and on top of brand mentions.

As a favorite Meltwater feature, Safaricom enjoy the ability to get instant notifications through the Meltwater app, with a look into the reach and sentiment of posts shared on digital platforms. This is vital for the brand, who utilize the data received to develop a communications plan if a crisis strikes.


Meltwater Helps Safaricom to

1. Measure the Reach of Published Stories

"Meltwater has helped us determine where we need to put more effort when it comes to our storytelling, and the type of stories we generate, as well as maintaining good relationships with the media."

2. Discover Publishers Mentioning Their Brand

"We have been able to determine the coverage we receive from our press releases and announcements. Through the analytics from the tool, we are able to discover which media houses and publishers have covered the most stories about our brand."

3. Monitor Brand Mentions on Various Sources

"Meltwater allows you to monitor online mentions in real time, always keeping us in the know about perceptions of the brand out there on various sources such as news websites, blogs, and other social media platforms."