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Customer Stories: Ruth


Meltwater's API allows media intelligence data to be used alongside other business systems. This means that companies can integrate valuable Meltwater real-time insights with their own platforms alongside various other datasets. Ruth, the advertising agency, uses Meltwater media monitoring to stay abreast of their competition and the industry. When the agency developed a campaign for Kommunal (Swedish Municipal Workers' Union), dubbed "Kommunal wakes", they realised that they needed a solution that was able to combine internal data with external insights, so they turned to Meltwater. Using Meltwater API, they have now developed a solution that, among other things, scans social media to measure satisfaction among Kommunal's members.

Meltwater Enables Ruth to

Get real time data

Measure sentiment

Combine external and internal data


Advertising agency, Ruth, uses Meltwater API on behalf of their client: Kommunal

The advertising agency Ruth was established in 1999 and has since grown an impressive client portfolio including SF-bio, Dagens Industri newspaper and Kommunal. Ruth previously used Meltwater's services to monitor editorial and social media. "With help from Meltwater, we start every morning by reviewing the news we receive in order to obtain a complete picture of what has happened since yesterday. This gives us confidence that we're fully in the loop during meetings with our clients", says Erik Wünsche, Project Manager for Ruth. Ruth recently expanded their Meltwater portfolio with Meltwater API, which they use on behalf of their client Kommunal.

Kommunal is in the midst of large-scale change management when it comes to trade unions. They plan to achieve this by tuning into member perspectives and collecting their opinions and proposals. A rooster was chosen to symbolise the awakening of a new Kommunal. "The rooster is an easily recognisable symbol of waking. A serious message doesn't necessarily need to be delivered in a sombre tone. At the same time, it is bold of Kommunal to be so transparent with what people think about them", says Erik Wünsche.

To measure how satisfied members are, the rooster takes three factors into account. Once a day, visitors to the website can indicate whether they have a negative, neutral or positive view of Kommunal. Members can also submit ideas to a suggestion box with proposals on how to improve Kommunal. The third factor, Meltwater API, helps the rooster to capture relevant social media conversations and understand their sentiment. If anything negative, neutral or positive is written about Kommunal, the rooster reacts immediately and the mention is brought to the attention of management. The public can also follow changes in satisfaction level via a barometer on Kommunal's website. "Meltwater API helps Kommunal combine external data with data from their own website and deliver a situation snapshot in real-time", says Wünsche.

"Meltwater API helps Kommunal combine external data with data from their own website and deliver a situation snapshot in real time"

Erik Wünsche, Project Manager for Ruth


Combining external- and internal data in real time

Meltwater API was developed to integrate media intelligence data with other datasets. Put simply, the solution can be described by saying we have opened a door to Meltwater's database, which can then be connected with other internal systems - to which Meltwater's data is transmitted in real time. Meltwater API can be connected with a series of internal systems and various types of internal data. For example, it may also make sense to combine Meltwater's external data with data from CRM systems, sales data of various types, or business analysis.


Meltwater's API solution helps Ruth to:

Obtain insights in real-time

Meltwater API provides Ruth and their client, Kommunal, with information on events precisely when they happen.

Combine external and internal data

Ruth uses Meltwater API to combine Kommunal's internal data with Meltwater's external insights and measure satisfaction among their members.

Measuring sentiment

Meltwater API provides insight into whether posts mentioning Kommunal are negative, neutral or positive. This way they can stay aware with regards to the perception across social media with the help of sentiment analysis.